Dick Tracy Stories – 1956

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Lizz’s First Case (January – April)
A dapper man named Mr. Pocketclip develops a crush on nightclub singer Julie Marrlin and hires thug Joe Period to arrange a date for him.  After meeting the singer, Joe falls in love and kills Mr. Pocketclip but sadly kills Julie by accident.  Julie happens to be Lizz Worthington’s long lost sister and now with the police force she seeks to avenge her sisters death.  Meanwhile Joe flees the closing police in a stolen vehicle which he wrecks badly.  Wounded and bleeding, Joe escapes and seeks help from his sometime employer Nothing Yonson. 
Nothing pretends to look for a doctor in the phone book while Joe passes out from blood loss.  Once the thug is unconscious Nothing dumps his body in a cello case and put on a train.  Luckily for Joe, a hobo finds his body and patches him up.  Angry at Nothing Joe begins to plot his revenge but is again cornered by police in South Dakota with Lizz aiding the hunt.  Joe hides out in a vat of pickles and brine where he is discovered by Lizz.  As she moves to take him into custody Flattop’s son, Flattop Jr. springs out and knocks Lizz unconscious and the two escape.

 Flattop Junior (April – September)
After he saves Joe Period from arrest, Flattop Jr. and Joe take off in Flattop’s personally enhanced car. Joe still desires revenge against Nothing Yonson and suggests they pad their wallets by robbing Nothing’s nightclub.  Together they break in and shoot Nothing down.  Police quickly arrive and Joe is captured by the police while Flattop escapes with the cash. 
The young criminal hides out in a rental apartment with a girl named Skinney.  Flattop Jr. takes up painting while hiding out and Skinney becomes enamored with the young man and his artwork, entering a painting in a local contest.  When the painting wins top prize, Lizz and Tracy recognize the painting style as similar to Flattop Jr.’s style. (They had seen his artwork while visiting Auntie Flattop, his childhood caregiver)  Lizz approeaches Skinney as a potential buyer and when Flattop learns Skinney has given him away he kills her and escapes.  After the murder Flattop is haunted by Skinney’s ghost and is slowly driven mad, vanishing for about three months.  When he reappears Flattop Jr. is gaunt and white-haired.  Suprising Lizz while she investigated the hideout of a criminal named Ivy, Flattop Jr. was shot and killed.

The 10 Year Old Shooter (October – December)
When a man is found shot by a mute 10-year old girl named Spec, Tracy is hesitant to believe she fired the shot. A small test proves that she is too weak to cock the gun so Tracy goes after the real murderer. The victim he finds was the little girl’s stepfather and her mother is nowhere to be found. Tracy and Sam get their first lead when they find a note in the mother Flossie’s mail saying her watch is ready at the repair shop. They pick it up and inside it contains a picture of a man whom Spec identifies as Ivy, the man who forced her to fire the gun. It turns out that Ivy murdered him so he could marry Spec’s mother. Ivy also runs a large counterfeiting ring inside a hollowed-out mountain. When Ivy hears on the radio that a picture of him was in police possession and that it had come from Flossie’s watch, he begins to suspect that Flossie may have betrayed him. so on their honeymoon, he tries to push him new wife into shark infested waters. She foresees this and pushes him instead, and then goes back to reclaim her child and tells Tracy everything about Ivy. Ivy however, survived his encounter with a number of sharks, losing only his arm, and makes his way back to the city. There he sets a car on fire outside of police headquarters and while the squad is distracted, he sneaks in and kills his wife. He then returns to his hideout and tries to blow up the cave with his booby trap. It goes off delayed, and Tracy and Lizz get out just in time and arrest Ivy.
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