Dick Tracy Stories – 1957

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The Kitten Sisters (January – April)
Champion skier Inga Yelma is shot with an arrow and it was done by a group called the Kitten Sisters. Inga had once been a member, but dropped out when they turned to crime, so the other three hated her enough to kill her. One of the sisters leaves behind her bow and when she goes back, Tracy is waiting. One of the other sisters subdues him and they take him prisoner. Tracy fakes death, so they ditch him and he’s saved by a local. The Kitten Sisters then shoot a deer for sport putting a game warden and finally Tracy again, on their trail. They flee via stilts and motorcycle until they join up with Spike Dyke’s travelling show. Spike goes to the police, but before they can be arrested, they take Spike hostage and flee in his car. The police pursue in their helicopter, shoot out the engine and arrest the trio. 

The Clipso Brothers (April – September)
The Clipso Brothers try to trick shoe heel mogul Morin Plenty into investing into a machine that changes the heels on shoes automatically. When Morin finds out that it’s being done by a midget named Mr. Setton inside the machine, the Clipso Brothers speed off and the machine falls off the trailer, crushing Morin’s wife. Setton from the machine is later killed when he tries to quit the group and the brothers decide to hide out at their Aunt Bett’s bee farm. It is there that the brothers and their Aunt Bett are shot.  For some time it’s believed that the killer is Morin but Tracy and Patton are able to prove Morin couldn’t have been the shooter and it turns out Mr. Setton’s wife, Mrs. Setton was the shooter seeking revenge.  Tracy arrests the woman and the case is closed.

Freezing Claude Crystal (September – December)
Tracy is sent to investigate the mysterious disappearance of Claude Crystal, who also went missing with $200,000 of his firm’s money. It turns out that he was frozen alive by his wife Elsa and is now sitting in the basement walk-in freezer. The freezer breaks and she and her brother Robbie have to re-hide the corpse. It’s repaired and at one point Tracy is prisoner in it, until he’s rescued by Patton. Robbie is shot by Elsa when he demands a bigger cut of the money, putting Elsa on the run. They catch up with her at the hideout of a dope-dealing gang in a lumberyard. The gang is killed but Elsa is taken alive.
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  1. Andrew Sordoni says:

    Bravo, you have included conclusive proof that the stories and characters of Chester Gould rank, in context, with those of Conan Doyle, Twain, Barks, Foster and Mulford. Andrew Sordoni

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