Dick Tracy Stories – 1958

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Junior’s Sketches (December – March)
Warty Weener is part of a gang that robbed one million dollars from a steam liner and buried the cash.  Junior  knows what Warty looks like and on Christmas Eve is kidnapped by a gang led by Pantsy.  Pantsy forces Junior to draw a sketch of Warty.  Using the sketch they find and kidnap Warty and force him to reveal that the buried treasure’s location was recorded on a document that was split into three pieces.  Warty only has one of the pieces and the others are in the hands of two young girls.  Pantsy shoots Warty and Junior escapes and goes to Tracy, resketching one part of the map.  The two girls find themselves hounded by both Tracy and Pantsy and Tracy convinces the girls to help him before they sell their document fragments to Pantsy.  Tracy and several officers then ambushed Pantsy when he and his gang arrived for the treasure.  A shoot ensued, Pantsy’s gang was killed and Pantsy went to jail.

Dick Tracy Goes to Cuba (March – December)
A woman named Miss Egghead breeds gamecocks (fighting roosters) and when her man Miguel sells her prize rooster to a lab she loses her temper and beats the man badly with a bronze gamecock trophy.  Still upset Miss Egghead forces Miguel to take her to the lab where he sold her rooster.  On arrival the brutal woman realizes Miguel is dead and so she dumps his body there before rescuing her bird. 
Miguel’s daughter Conchita finds the bloody gamecock trophy fears for her fathers life and takes it in to the police, talking to Dick Tracy.  Miss Egghead flies to Cuba and poses as an actress to head out from the U.S. law enforcement.  Dick Tracy, never one to give up, flies to Cuba and joins forces with Detective Wunbrow of the Cuban Secret Service and the two soon have a lead on Miss Egghead’s hotel.  In her hotel room, Miss Egghead is forced to stab Wunbrow and escapes to the home of a criminal named “The Dropper.” 
In the Dropper’s home, Miss Egghead is greeted by a lieutenant named Chicory who introduces her to the Dropper and they agree he will fly her back to the states for $1,000.  With Miss Egghead in the house, Dick Tracy arrives inquiring about the woman.  Chicory and a thug named Gorilla manage to capture Tracy and for an extra $5,000 the Dropper agrees to drop Dick off on an abandoned island.
Left on the island, Tracy meets Inspector Whitehall of Scotland Yard who had met a similar fate.  The two do their best to survive, scoure the island for survival materials and find an army probe and the two use to arrange a rescue just as a hurricane bears down on their tiny island. 
Once Tracy is left on the island, he meets Inspector Whitehall of Scotland Yard who had met with a similar fate. For a while, the two do their best to survive and as luck would have it, an army probe landed on their island and the two were rescued just as a hurricane was starting to arrive.
Back in Cuba, the Dropper’s place was about to be washed under when Miss Egghead shows back up requesting a flight to another country. Dropper and Chicory simply lock her in a gamecock cage and leave her to drown as they take off in the Dropper’s plane. Miss Egghead is rescued by Detective Wunbrow and the two use one of the Dropper’s front doors as a raft to try and row for a safer location. Fighting turbulance, Dropper’s plane goes down nearby, spraying gasoline everywhere. When Tracy shows up looking to make an arrest, the Dropper shoots at him, blowing up himself, the plane and Chicory.  Detective Wunbrow arrives safely to shore after the storm calms, but as karma would have it Miss Egghead was impaled by flying debris and killed.
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