Dick Tracy Stories – 1967

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Man with Two Faces – Haf and Haf (December – March)

Two faced villain Tulzon Tuzon (aka Haf and Haf) is living in the city with his wife Dolly and has been training crows to steal valuables and return them to their apartment rooftop. Tuzon has recently returned from the Circling Brothers Circus winter quarters down south, and his wife angrily accuses him of cheating on her with a circus high diver named Zelda the Great. Dolly releases the crows from their cage to get back at him and Haf and Haf guns her down with a machine gun. He dumps Dolly’s body in the streets where her body is found by Sam Catchem.

The crows begin to return to the rooftop with purses and valuables and Haf and Haf is forced to use chlorine gas to kill the birds before police take notice. Detective work by Tracy’s team determines the slain woman was involved with the crow training caper they have heard about and they raid Haf and Haf’s apartment. The murderer is able to escape though, using the two sides of his face to cause confusion.

Haf and Haf travels south to Porto Monino to spend time with Zelda. He confides in her he has divorced his wife and they can now marry. Moon Maid’s keen eye sees Haf and Haf among revellers on vacation and associates it with police sketches drawn by Junior and Dick heads south to the circus. There he learns Haf and Haf’s back story from the a security man for the circus.

Zelda meanwhile determines on her own that Haf and Haf actually killed his ex-wife and threatens to go to the police. He knocks her unconscious and carries her up a high dive, intending to kill her with the fall. Tracy and Sam arrive in a Space Coupe before he can do the deed, and Haf and Haf flees with Zelda in a small plane. With Tracy in an air car (the one man thimbles), and Sam in the Space Coupe, Haf and Haf tries to knock Dick out of the sky before he throws Zelda out. Dick dives his air car down to save her, and the two splash harmlessly into a lake.

Tulzon then crashes the plane to the ground in an explosive crash, diving out at the last-minute on top of a circus tent. At first police think Haf and Haf has been killed, but Tracy determines exactly what the villain dead and repeats the feat to prove it possible.

Tracking Haf and Haf (April – May)

Haf and Haf escapes back to his childhood hometown. His family place has burned down and his parents are gone so Tuzon visits Mrs. Kora Steel an old woman he used to mow lawns for. Mrs. Steel is now blind and Haf and Haf asks to become her butler.

Kora has a locked room in the home, which Haf and Haf suspects holds valuables and he tries to break in. However, Mrs. Steel’s dog, Laffite triggers a trap door and he and Steel both are pulled down the trap. Mrs. Steel knows what he was doing, but doesn’t care and the two walk out a tunnel and begin to romance.

Tracy at this time has been searching Haf and Haf’s childhood haunts and comes upon the home of Mrs. Steel. There he finds the house empty except for Laffite and with Moon Maid’s help they blast through the secure door to find the dead mummified body of Mr. Steel. They begin using Laffite to track down the trail of Haf and Haf and Mrs. Steel.

Tuzon convinces Mrs. Steel to marry him, though he intends to kill her after he has her money. He approaches a crook named Palm Bucker to do a fake wedding for the two and this is when Tracy arrives. He reveals to Mrs. Steel what Haf and Haf intended to do and questions her about her husband’s body. She admits it was their plan, when he died that she would simply close the door and lock it so that she could avoid the inheritance tax. Haf and Haf is taken to jail, and placed in a straight jacket after he attempts suicide.

Chin Chillars on the Run (June – November)

Chin Chillar was working at Diet Smith’s factory on the Moon with his wife Notta where they were contacted by Mr. Bribery who was incarcerated in the state penitentiary. Bribery enlisted the pair in recovering $100,000 cash that had been left orbiting the Earth following his failed plot to kidnap Honeymoon Tracy. The Chin Chillars stole one of Diet Smith’s magnetic Space Coupes and used it to break Mr. Bribery out of jail and attached a special net to the back to snag the floating bills in orbit. Toasting their success, the Chillars drugged Bribery and dropped him off back at prison from a great height, killing him in spectacular fashion.

The theft of the Space Coupe immediately got Diet Smith’s attention and he and Tracy chased after the Chin Chillars with their own Coupe. The couple avoided capture in orbit for over a week but were beginning to starve and so entered the atmosphere at extreme speed to escape Tracy and Diet. During the reentry, their net full of money was incinerated.

Desperate to find someplace safe, the Chin Chillars sought refuge at the farm and hidden steel mill of mob boss Piggy Butcher. Hiding the Space Coupe as a silo, Piggy forced the Chillars into slavery, working for him and then using the Coupe to steal armored cars. Stolen vehicles were then salvaged and melted down as steel ingots which Piggy sold as part of the Vietnam war effort. The Chin Chillars, exhausted and seeking escape flagged down a searching Dick Tracy and provided information on Piggy’s operation in exchange for rescue. With Moon Maid’s help, Tracy steals Piggy right out of his bed and hauls him off to jail. Police then raided the underground steel mill, battling the dug in criminals with bulldozers until one of Piggy’s lieutenants triggered explosives in the hideout killing every one of his men. No officer of the law was harmed.

The Failing of Piggy Butcher (November – January)

Piggy Butcher and the Chin Chillars were both released from bail on bond and the Chillars swore to get revenge on Piggy for forcing them into slavery. Piggy meanwhile went back for his fortune buried in a fake graveyard and was depressed to find the police had found his stash first. penniless, Butcher vowed vengeance on Moon Maid for zapping him into jail. He sought out a dame named Pollyanna who looked a bit like Moon Maid, and dressed her up as Junior’s wife and forced his attorney to dress as the Moon Governor. He obtained a hand portable atomic ray gun from the Argonne Laboratory, which had been stolen by a spy named Marge Plainsman. He gave the weapon to Pollyanna to kill Moon Maid at the Policeman’s Ball, but an accident in the cab resulted in Pollyanna, his attorney and the whole cab vaporizing instantly.

Piggy, now destitute and without allies descended into alcoholism when the Chin Chillars found him. The couple dragged him off the street to the basement of their apartment. They tied him up, intending to torture the mob boss but Sam and Tracy had tracked down their apartment home through an eye glass prescription and knocked on the door. Chin Chillar fired on the cops and they returned fire, killing Chin Chillar. His wife Notta surrendered and Tracy and Sam found Piggy, dead from strangulation.

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