Dick Tracy Stories – 1974

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  • Big Brass and Fencer
  • The Brain
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5 Responses to Dick Tracy Stories – 1974

  1. JD Clauser says:

    I do not know what happened to my interest in the strip since the Peanut Butter rescue, but I distinctly recall being creeped out as a 10 year old with the Big Brass debacle and LOVING the entire BRAIN case. In fact, The Brain remains to this day my favorite villain. His demise was swift, stupid, and harsh, really harsh.

  2. JD Clauser says:

    HOLD THE PHONE! There is a story missing from this era, a glaring omission! It is all sort of fuzzy, but there was a human skull tossed from a car, landing on very strong weed in a field for what seemed forever, at least in a ten year old’s mind, until it was finally discovered and identified as the remains of some other DT gangster. Then after a lot of hullabaloo Liz find herself at the mercy of some knife wielding maniac who makes an attempt to stuff her into a guillotine. Liz breaks free and shoots Keno the Magnificent (?) in self defense. Aside from The Brain story line, this skull, beheading nastiness had a permanent effect on me. Btw, I seem to remember Tracy finding fingerprint evidence on the INSIDE of a glove. THAT, and my own personal introduction to something called an indelible marker, have always stayed with me.

  3. admin says:

    So I have paper versions of the strip from August ’74 through Feb ’75 that encompasses the Brain story. I need to read them and at least get them documented here!

  4. Steven L Stephenson says:

    I remember a story involving Dick Tracy being stranded in a large pit, which I assume was a caldera of a volcano. Can anyone tell me when this particular story appeared?

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