Dick Tracy Stories – 1975

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Undocumented Stories
  • Tappy Welz
  • Earl Welz and Chilly Hill
  • Hairy, Bulky and Lispy, a trio of female bank robbers associated with Pucker Puss
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3 Responses to Dick Tracy Stories – 1975

  1. DeeDee H. says:

    I got hooked on Dick Tracy as a very small child – about age 7 or 8, so yeah, 1975 or 76 would be right – because of the hilarious Lispy saying, “Yeth, Pucker Puth, I want to talk to you…” It came in a Sunday color supplement in the St. John’s Evening Telegram when I was a kid. So I’m sure she was real character – we weren’t always able to get the paper and I was so bummed when I’d miss the comic.

  2. DeeDee H. says:

    But I thought Lispy might actually be named Lipsy. I may be remembering wrong. She did lisp.

  3. DeeDee H. says:

    http://mikelynchcartoons.blogspot.ca/2009/06/200-characters-from-dick-tracy-1931.html You can see her just before Pucker Puss in page 6 of 6 here.

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