Dick Tracy Stories – 1981

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  • Pushy Pointer (Show Stopper) – 1/15/81 – 6/14/81 – B.U. Tiffle, the movie star cousin of Sparkle Plenty is the target of several murder attempts that could either be an extreme publicity stunt or the real thing.  Junior and Sparkle begin to date and fall in love with each other.
  • Ownley Chylde (The Collector) – 6/15/81 – 9/3/81 – Junior and Sparkle’s engagement is announced.
  • The Mole Returns – 9/4/81 – 10/3/81 – The Mole reforms
  • Tracy’s 50th Anniversary (Rogues on Parade) – 10/4/81 – 5/13/82 – Tracy receives a threatening letter signed “An Old Friend” at the same time Liz
    goes missing. He decides to investigate some of his “old friends” who are still
    alive and no longer in prison. First he investigates Wormy, Measles, and Dewdrop and discovers that not only have these 3 returned to their wicked, wicked ways, but they’ve even teamed up with each other (but are not part of the revenge plot). He then tracks down one by one Pear-Shape, Coffyhead, Influence, and Mousey only to discover they’ve all genuinely, sincerely reformed. He ultimately discovers the true culprits behind Liz’s disappearance are Angeltop, the Brow’s Son, and Blowtop. It all culminates in the wedding of Junior and Sparkle…complete with a bomb planted in the basement.
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