Dick Tracy Stories – 1982

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  • Rogues on Parade (10/4/81 – 5/13/82) – – Tracy receives a threatening letter signed “An Old Friend” at the same time Lizz goes missing. He decides to investigate some of his “old friends” who are still alive and no longer in prison. First he investigates Wormy, Measles, and Dewdrop and discovers that not only have these 3 returned to their wicked, wicked ways, but they’ve even teamed up with each other (but are not part of the revenge plot). He then tracks down one by one Pear-Shape, Coffyhead, Influence, and Mousey only to discover they’ve all genuinely, sincerely reformed. He ultimately discovers the true culprits behind Liz’s disappearance are Angeltop, the Brow’s Son, and Blowtop. It all culminates in the wedding of Junior and Sparkle…complete with a bomb planted in the basement.
  • Splitscreen (5/14/82 – 8/25/82)
  • Chief Climber (Who Shot Pat Patton?) – 8/26/82 – 3/13/83 – Pat goes on a vacation cruise, bumps into his old flame Toby Townley, and promptly marries her while still onboard (as best I can recall, no mention was ever made of Toby’s previous husband and child whom we saw her with in her most recent appearance before this way back in 1940). Back home, he announces his plans to retire, raise his 2 recently orphaned nephews, and have ghost-written a
    tell-all autobiography. Nearly all this turns out disastrously. His nephews are
    a couple of rude, lazy, good-for-nothing louts who don’t even LIKE their uncle,
    his ghost writer twists his autobiography into The Dick Tracy Story, and by
    letting eveybody know it’s going to be a tell-all, he’s made certain crooked
    higher-ups nervous. In short, poor Pat made a lot of dumb moves during this
    mid-life crisis, which nearly becomes his END-life crisis when someone kidnaps
    him, shoots him, and leaves him for dead. Fortunatly, what at first glance
    looked like Pat’s dumbest move, his impulsive marriage to Toby, turned out to be the one smart move he made, as Toby proves to be a devoted wife who sounds the alarm early when Pat goes missing, enabling Dick and Sam to find him and save his life. But Pat still goes into a coma, so it’s up to Tracy to figure out who tried to kill his oldest friend.
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