Dick Tracy Stories – 1983

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Undocumented Stories
  • Who Shot Pat Patton? (8-26-82 – 3/13/83) – Pat goes on a vacation cruise, bumps into his old flame Toby Townley, and promptly marries her while still onboard (as best I can recall, no mention was ever made of Toby’s previous husband and child whom we saw her with in her most recent appearance before this way back in 1940). Back home, he announces his plans to retire, raise his 2 recently orphaned nephews, and have ghost-written a tell-all autobiography. Nearly all this turns out disastrously. His nephews are a couple of rude, lazy, good-for-nothing louts who don’t even LIKE their uncle, his ghost writer twists his autobiography into The Dick Tracy Story, and by letting everybody know it’s going to be a tell-all, he’s made certain crooked higher-ups nervous. In short, poor Pat made a lot of dumb moves during this mid-life crisis, which nearly becomes his END-life crisis when someone kidnaps him, shoots him, and leaves him for dead. Fortunately, what at first glance looked like Pat’s dumbest move, his impulsive marriage to Toby, turned out to be the one smart move he made, as Toby proves to be a devoted wife who sounds the alarm early when Pat goes missing, enabling Dick and Sam to find him and save his life. But Pat still goes into a coma, so it’s up to Tracy to figure out who tried to kill his oldest friend.

Twitchy, B.D. Eyes and the Ghost of Itchy (March – May)

While Pat Patton is recovering in the hospital after he’s been shot, Dick agrees to serve as a ‘Police Consultant’, leading the Major Crimes Squad. He also continues to manage the Tracy Agency, turning most duties over to Johnny Adonis. Famed horror novelist, Stephanie Queen hires the Agency to investigate a ghost in her house. She has seen the ghost of Itchy Oliver in mirrors, windows and even full-bodied in the bedroom of her new house. The house is the same one that belonged to Mrs. B-B Eyes and where she and Itchy Oliver tried to starve Dick Tracy to death over many weeks.

Dick of course doesn’t believe in ghosts and after talking to Diet Smith believes projector cameras and hologram devices are being used. He suspects the butler, B.D. Smythe and we learn before Tracy that the butler is in fact B.D. Eyes, a rodent like brother of the late B-B Eyes. B.D. is working with Twitchy Oliver, a brother of the late Itchy Oliver, trying to scare Stephanie out of the house so they can search it thoroughly for $100,000 B-B Eyes and Itchy hid in the house.

Once Tracy finds that B.D. Smythe is not who he seems, he sets a trap for the household criminals. Pretending to quit Stephanie’s case, he encourages the two to make another move and they once again try to scare Queen out of her house. This time, however, Johnny Adonis is dressed as the woman and he and Tracy reveal themselves during the scare attempt. Twitchy actually shoots Dick in the chest, but his body armor protects him. Then both men are then easily grabbed and arrested. At the end we learn that Stephanie Queen actually found the money when she moved in and donated it to charity. In a 2011 storyline, the return of B-B Eyes the money turns out to have been counterfeit.

Additional Undocumented Stories
  • Lofty (Crimestoppers Revisited) – 5/17/83 – 8/21/83 – Pat returns to the force while his worthless nephews enter a life of crime working for Lofty. I believe this story marks the final appearance and mention to date of Toby Townley Patton. She is presumably still married to Pat unless you decide otherwise.
  • Dr. Freezdrei and Pruneface’s Return (The Cryonic Man) – 8/22/83 – 12/25/83
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