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  • Normal Jones (11/26/84 – 3/17/85) “Lizz marries Groovy Grove who dies in this story.”
  • Wartime Memories (3/18/85 – 9/4/85)  “As old FBI files are made available to the public, Tracy talks about his involvement with the FBI in a past case that was his never before revealed first encounter with 4 of his greatest adversaries. Pruneface, Mrs. Pruneface, Flattop, & Shaky

Prunella, Angeltop and Quiver go Fusion (September – February)

While on a walk, Dick and Tess Tracy visit the harbor where a replica of the Santa Maria floats, having been rebuilt by the Columbus Appreciation society after the original replica burned down during the Angeltop Jones case a couple of years ago. Unknown to the detective, the ship is a secret hideout for Angeltop and her partners in crime, Quiver Trembly and Prunella LaBoche. The trio have built a shrine on board to their late relatives, Pruneface, Flattop Jones and Shaky Trembly and have launched their plot of vengeance. Diet Smith has asked Dick Tracy to cut the ribbon at a ceremony for his new Fusion Power Plant and the girls plan to initiate the worst nuclear disaster in American history to end Tracy. Prunella, a scientific and engineering genius has developed a backpack sized nuclear weapon and only needs Plutonium 239 to make it functional. Angeltop speaks with her uncle Blowtop and convinces her reluctant hot-headed relative to withdraw $1 million from the bank. The money was inherited to Blowtop when Angeltop was presumed dead, it originally came from her father Flattop. A beat cop named Officer Rodriquez catches Blowtop rowing back from the Santa Maria but lets him go and returns to the station to tell Tracy.

Back at police headquarters, Jim Trailer meets with Dick Tracy and tells him the FBI are following a man named Egan Oipse, hoping to find out what he is up to. Tracy goes to question Blowtop at his home while Trailer continues to follow Egan who we learn is in possession of the Plutonium 239 Prunella needs. Angeltop and Quiver see the FBI outside Egan’s place and refuse to show themselves, calling Egan to warn him. Egan panics and begins to fire on Jim Trailer at the door and goes out the window, trying to reach the fire escape. Egan doesn’t watch where he’s going though, and plummets to his death on the concrete below and Trailer recovers the nuclear material.

At Blowtop’s house, Tracy questions the reformed Jones and learns that Angeltop is hiding out in the Santa Maria. He takes Sam, Lizz and Lee Ebony on a night-time raid of the ship. The ship is guarded by a gang of muscled men (with shirts labeled Hunk #1, #2, etc) and one of them see the approaching cops and the guards open fire. Sam and Lizz are forced out of their boats into the water, taking cover and they return fire, killing at least one hunk. Tracy and Lee make for a side hatch along the bottom of the ships curved hull but take fire when it is opened and Lee tackles the attacking hunk, sending everyone back into the water. Prunella, the only one on board fires up a secret motor on board the Santa Maria and the ship slowly escapes the water-logged detectives.

Quiver and Angeltop returned to the harbor to find the boat gone and know to go to their secondary hideout, which is the home of Carl Craven’s place. Carl is a devoted boyfriend of Quiver Trembly and a hippy protester turned scientist at Diet Smith’s Fusion Power Plant in Smithville. There the girls prepare plan B. Prunella uses her fathers old Xylon explosive formula to take the place of the Plutonium 239. Carl recognizes that the Xylon has only a couple of hour shelf life before it loses its potency and realizes the girls don’t plan to use the bomb as a bluff for demands to be met but is actually a real attempt to kill many people. The girls tie Carl up so he won’t be a problem and Angeltop takes the backpack bomb and Carl’s credentials, infiltrating the power plant. Prunella observes her progress from nearby while Quiver stays at Carl’s place to prepare a ransom call. Quiver reveals to Carl she has modified the trigger on the bomb so only she can detonate it remotely.

It starts well for the girls until Prunella is caught by Sam Catchem outside the plant. Prunella fights off Sam and turns with gun drawn on Lizz, who also has her weapon drawn. The two fire at the same time. Lizz is wounded in the shoulder while Prunella is hit in the body and badly hurt. Sam calls paramedics and Prunella would soon be hauled off to jail. Inside the plant, Angeltop’s cover is blown and she tries to detonate the Xylon bomb but of course it won’t go off. Tracy traps her on top of a heavy water silo and Angelica trades heavy fire with the police. Meanwhile, Quiver Trembly calls Tracy, threatening to detonate the bomb if she isn’t paid off with one billion dollars by Diet Smith within the next 30 minutes. (the potency period of the bomb) Having heard Angeltop talk to herself, Tracy and Diet know Xylon has a short life span and try to stall Quiver who gets nervous and lets it happen. Her phone call is traced and Lee Ebony and the cops arrive, taking Quiver into custody without a fight. Angeltop Jones is not ready to go down so easily. Having run out of ammunition, she faces an approaching Dick Tracy with multiple sticks of dynamite. Cursing the cop, she detonates the explosives and in a tremendous explosion, Angeltop is gone.

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