Dick Tracy Stories – 2002

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Shootout in the Snow (December – January)

Walking home on Christmas Eve Tracy finds a man, fading fast with a gunshot wound in a snowy alley.  He follows a elusive kitten into an abandoned building where another man with a gun engages him in a shootout.  Very low on ammo and calling for backup Tracy learns the two are escaped convicts.  Paramedics arrive while Tracy shoots it out and wrestles with the gunman, who shoots himself in the chest after falling through a floor.  The convict outside, Bill Baily dies of his wounds and Tracy rescues the cat, giving it to Baily’s daughter for Christmas.

Plush Mush Vacation (January – February)
Dick Tracy and Tess Trueheart are given two weeks vacation and tickets to Florida at the Plush Mush Towers.  The Towers are expanding into a nearby swamp and nudist environmentalists are vandalizing the property.  The owner, G.R. Eed asks for help and Tracy investigates, discovering Eed has been dumping sewage and waste water into the swamp.  The EPA arrives and shuts down the Towers while Tracy gets the environmentalists to clean up the swamp.

Pinhead Terrorists (February – April)
The Pinhead disguises himself as a terrorist and he and Noodles blow up a bridge with Liz and Junior driving on it.  Tracy manages to rescue the two before their car plunges into the river below while Pinhead sends a terrorist tape in to the TV.  Looking for an even greater response, Pinhead hires a drunk pilot named Corrigan to write a “Everyone downtown dies at noon” in the sky.  Corrigan spells it so badly the message is not received until to late and instead the police lock down the downtown area.  Pinhead and his “Heads” gang (which includes Blockhead, Birdbrain, Chowderhead, Creepface and Schnozz) arrive downtown and engage in a shootout.  Pinhead and Noodles are caught attempting to escape by Agent Mahony of the FBI.

Stonehenge Theft (April – June)
Stonehenge is discovered stolen and replaced with plastic replicas.  Chief Inspector Whitehall of Scotland Yard suspects Americans and calls Dick Tracy for help.  Together they try and track down the stones they believe were transported into America.  Their search leads them to Dexter Q Snubb, president of the English Loving Union and then to Percy Brillig a snubbed former member.  Tracy finally discovers Stonehenge was never stolen, simply buried back in England and Percy is arrested by the English.

Heartless Mahoney Haunting (June – August)

Tracy begins to have visions of Breathless Mahoney’s face, keeping him jumpy and sleepless. After a vision causes a car accident, Tracy takes a picture of the face in the mirror and runs it through the police scanner. It returns both Breathless (Deceased) and Heartless Mahoney (Missing). Tracy visits the last known address of Heartless in Des Moines, Iowa and finds she has died. Returning to work Tracy is botches a bank holdup when he wrecks a police cruiser and is taken hostage, allowing the villains to escape. Tracy is put on indefinite suspension and he begins to converse with the ghost who claims to be Deathless Mahoney, blaming him for the death of her two sisters. Tracy finds a miniature hologram device producing the “ghosts” and learns it is a Diet Smith invention. Fred Febbish the man in charge of the project was fired for selling secrets and Dick tracks down Fred and finds Deathless’s hideout. Confronting his tormenter, he discovers she is in fact a badly aged Heartless Mahoney who wanted to punish Tracy for her condition. Tracy cuffs her but then releases her on a bus to Tuscon, Arizona and returns to the station to get his job back.

Red Hawk’s Car Wash Robbery (August – October)
A lowlife snitch named Tweety warns Dick Tracy that the triggerman Red Hawk is getting out of jail after five years and will be gunning for the both of them after putting his bird gang back together.  Hawk gathers his men together at the ACME seed company and plans to rob Suds Carwash, which is where all crooks have been selling their jewelry.  He forces Tweety to tell Tracy, so he can also do in the cop.  Hawk, Turkey, Crow and Owl begin the robbery, trapping Sam, Tracy, Suds and Squint in a jewelry vault that is rapidly filling with water during a wash.  They escape by stripping off their clothes and squeezing out a pipe where a nude and bubbly Tracy fires on Red Hawk’s escaping vehicle.  The getaway car crashes into a Pet Store and everyone, including Suds is apprehended.  With the gang going to jail, Suds turns states evidence.

Jewel is Kidnapped (October – December)
Junior and Sparkle’s daughter Jewel and two other girls kidnapped by an abductor and locked in the basement of his house.  Dick Tracy and Lizz work the case, finding a clue that leads them to the creeps house.  Meanwhile Jewel escapes her captor and runs through out the city trying to escape pursuit.  The child abductor follows Jewel down a manhole but gets stuck and  killed by a passing car.  Tracy rescues the two children in the house and then uses a TV station to help him find Jewel.

B.O. Plenty and the Chameleon Gang (December – February)
B.O. Plenty takes a job as Santa Claus over the holidays and is framed for a robbery after the Chameleon’s gang dress up as Santa and rob the store.  Running from the police, B.O. dresses as a bear and crashes a costume party when the Chameleon strikes again.  This time he is caught and Tracy takes him to the station and begins to track down the real culprits who just hit a bank posing as firemen responding to a call.  Using B.O. as bait, Tracy lures the Chameleon into the Police station and apprehends the gang.
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