Dick Tracy Stories – 2003

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B.O. Plenty and the Chameleon Gang (December – February)
B.O. Plenty takes a job as Santa Claus over the holidays and is framed for a robbery after the Chameleon’s gang dress up as Santa and rob the store.  Running from the police, B.O. dresses as a bear and crashes a costume party when the Chameleon strikes again.  This time he is caught and Tracy takes him to the station and begins to track down the real culprits who just hit a bank posing as firemen responding to a call.  Using B.O. as bait, Tracy lures the Chameleon into the Police station and apprehends the gang.

Hard Case Harry (February – May)
GPS and Satellite issues cause havoc inside and outside the city.  A sailboat capsizing in the storm and two bodies are found on Dread Island while Tracy and Lizz stop a liquor store holdup.  When Tracy returns to the station, the chief tells Tracy fingerprints belonging to Harry Hardcase were found on the capsized sail boat.  Dick is disappointed and reminisces about Hard Case Harry’s attempt to kill him and then his redemption nine years past.  Tracy visits Mademoiselle Maria, the fashion designer whom Harry had rescued from the snow years past and Maria helps Tracy get in touch with Hard Case’s ex-wife says Harry became an electrician who’s last job was on Blink Island.  On Blink Island the lighthouse operator tells Tracy that Hard Case is in fact a hero, saving a child from drowning before he was pulled under himself.

Bird Gang’s Revenge (May – July)

Hawk and his Bird Gang escape state prison using Hang Chutes and relocate their hideout at Chirpy Bird Seed Co. Hawk’s first priority is to get revenge on everyone who put him in jail. They track down Suds, who testified against them and kill him at Soapy’s Laundry. Next Hawk snatches up Tweety and forces him to introduce his dame Dove to Dick Tracy, planning to lead Dick into a trap. Tracy suspects the trap but begins to trust Dove after witnessing Hawk beat on her. During the reconnaissance mission, Owl catches Tracy outside the gang’s hideout and Hawk places the detective in a giant bird cage, threatening to release a tiger on him. Tracy climbs to the top of the cage, and while Hawk and Coot try to get him down Dove releases the tiger on them and it kills Hawk. Sam and the swat team arrive, shooting Coot dead and arresting the remainder of the Bird Gang. Dove escapes.

Detective Frisk and the Filligree Case (July – September)

 Rich socialite Phil Filligree drowns while swimming the Mayor presses the Chief to create a special unit to handle V.I.P. crimes.  This new unit is headed by Detective Frisk, who is at odds with Tracy’s methods and suspects Mrs. Bundles Filligree.  Things begin to go wrong for the police department with Tracy’s fingerprints turning up on evidence and office items breaking and leaked information.  Frisk and Tracy begin to suspect each other and Tracy is given desk duty after which Tracy finds evidence at her desk and she is suspended.  After Frisk attempts suicide by jumping off a bridge, Tracy discovers the evidence clerk Ed Dunn was responsible for destroying evidence and that Bundles was working with her attorney, J.R. Slick to kill her husband with tainted root beer.  Slick is arrested and he turns on Bundles who mounts a horse and attempts an escape when Tracy comes for her.  However, the horse is spooked by Dick’s warning shot and throws bundles, who lands on the horse tranquilizers, paralyzing her for life.  The V.I.P. unit is disbanded and Tracy tells a hospitalized Frisk that she is welcome to join his team on her return.  Back in the office things continue to break or go missing…

Noticing that age is catching up to her and Dick, Tess Trueheart visits the office Beau Tox, a cosmetic surgeon.  Dr. Tox is also servicing badly disfigured art thief Dab Stract and Pruneface’s granddaughter Prunehilda in addition to employing Heartless Mahoney.  With a new “Piet Mondrian” look, Dab Stract steals a Picasso from an art version, replacing it with his own and tries to sell a second copy of the stolen painting to an FBI agent.  Dab smacks the agent with the forged Picasso and runs off.
Happy with her own surgery, Tess makes an appointment for Dick and though he grumbles about it he visits Dr. Tox for his own face lift.  The nurses (a young Heartless and Prunehilda) look familiar to him but he does not recognize them.  Dr. Beau Tox gives Tracy the horrifying face of notorious criminal Haf and Haf and gives Dab Stract a new face, that of Dick Tracy!  Tracy avoids going home with his new face but is still recognized as Haf and Haf and arrested by the police.  Tracy covers half his face in jail and talks his way out of his cell.  Once free he buys a beekeepers suit to hide his face.
Meanwhile Dr. Tox plans a museum heist with NoFace, Dab Stract, Heartless and Prunehilda.  NoFace stays in a museum after hours and steals a painting.  Dab Stract posing as Tracy then investigates the caper and takes the other paintings into custody for forensics examination.  Turning the paintings over to Tox, Dab Stract continues to pose as Tracy inside the station but his co-workers begin to notice his oddities and soon take him under arrest after the museum manager asks about the nonexistent paintings in evidence.  With charges against him, Dab Stract spills the whole story to Lizz and Sam who now know the Haf and Haf they arrested was Tracy.
The plastic surgeries begin to wear off and Tracy goes to Snoote Galleries where the owner spent 15 years in the slammer and would be the only one who could move that much stolen artwork.  Tracy says he won’t run him in if he talks and Snoote says he was supposed to meet them at a house in the woods.  Tracy goes to the house and calls in Lizz with backup.  Outside the home they hear gunshots and screams from inside.  The plastic surgeries on Heartless and Prunehilda have worn off and the girls have poured acid on Beau Tox.  Tox shot the two of them in the conflict and Prunehilda is dead while Heartless is wounded.  One side of Dr. Tox’s face melts and he now looks like Haf and Haf’s. 

Sal Monella’s Garbage Concert (December – March)
Sal Monella returns having survived a trash compactor and makes a deal with mobster Big Al to take the garbage from his waste management company away for free.  Detective Frisk is working cold cases without Tracy’s knowledge over the holidays and decides to trail Monella.  Sal reconstitutes a gang with homeless men off the streets, buys them all musical instruments and declares they are the rock band, the “The Municipal Slime”.  When Sal and his band discover Detective Frisk staked outside their hideout the men grab Frisk and toss her in the back of a garbage truck and forget about her.  The truck load is later dumped at a stadium Monella has rented for a concert.  With Detective Frisk missing, Tracy begins to investigate and comes upon Monella’s garbage heap of a concert.  Frisk digs out of a pile of garbage and tries to arrest Monella and in a shootout Big Al is killed and the two combatants fall into a garbage truck and continue to fight.  The truck is later emptied into the bay but neither body is recovered.
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