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Sal Monella’s Garbage Concert (December – March)
Sal Monella returns having survived a trash compactor and makes a deal with mobster Big Al to take the garbage from his waste management company away for free.  Detective Frisk is working cold cases without Tracy’s knowledge over the holidays and decides to trail Monella.  Sal reconstitutes a gang with homeless men off the streets, buys them all musical instruments and declares they are the rock band, the “The Municipal Slime”.  When Sal and his band discover Detective Frisk staked outside their hideout the men grab Frisk and toss her in the back of a garbage truck and forget about her.  The truck load is later dumped at a stadium Monella has rented for a concert.  With Detective Frisk missing, Tracy begins to investigate and comes upon Monella’s garbage heap of a concert.  Frisk digs out of a pile of garbage and tries to arrest Monella and in a shootout Big Al is killed and the two combatants fall into a garbage truck and continue to fight.  The truck is later emptied into the bay but neither body is recovered.

A cop house saboteur has been causing minor issues in the police station for months and Tracy makes finding him his top priority.  Meanwhile the mob boss Mousse has been busy bribing police and city officials to make his criminal undertakings easier.  Mousse seduces the corrupt officers with money, gambling and women and has fifty officers on the take already and is looking to bring in someone with a higher rank. 
Tracy sets up cameras in the police locker room and they catch a janitor on camera sabotaging lockers, once with paint, another time just by drilling out a lock.  When they investigate the drilled locker they find several thousand dollars that Sergeant Angle got from Mousse.  Tracy doesn’t make an arrest immediately and the janitor quits before Dick can talk to him.  Digging for more information, Lizz follows Angle to see who is behind the bribery while Tracy meets with Agent Kelley of the FBI. 
One of Mousse’s men named Brownie attacks Lizz but she fights him off and sees Sergeant Angle enter a Candy Store that Mousse is using as a front.  Tracy and Lizz visit the store and the woman operating the front gives Tracy a special candy box with cash in the bottom.  Agent Kelley sends Tracy back pretending to be a dirty cop looking for more money but Mousse doesn’t trust him.  Tracy is given the lay of the land, but later he has two working women, Trixie and Mixie approach Dick in a friendly manner at a PTA meeting outside of work.  The incident makes headlines the Mayor forces the chief to suspend Tracy.
While suspended Agent Kelley and Tracy team up to raid Mousse’s primary candy factory.  Inside are about a dozen armed men and when Tracy tries to take Mousse under arrest they start shooting.  Agent Kelley shoots Brownie dead while Mousse hides and then drowns in a container of melted chocolate.  The other criminal workers are captured and arrested.  Tracy is returned to duty and he and Agent Kelley offer a special FBI training session to the fifty corrupt officers and arrest them without incident.

B.O. Inherits a Farm (June – August)
B.O. Plenty’s cousin Stink dies in a combine accident and leaves B.O. and Gertie his pig and chicken farm.  The farm is a smelly mess and during their inspection of the farm they find the body of Stink’s wife Aroma.  Local police are useless so B.O. calls Tracy for help.  We learn that local farmer Grimley Reaper and his men Furrow, Plow, Scythe and Grinder are responsible for the killings and are working for Piggot E. Bank.
The EPA is called by Grimley and they arrive to condemn the farm, ordering everyone to leave.  Everyone but B.O. complies and Grimley and Furrow run him over with a combine to get him out of the way.  Luckily, B.O. is simply pushed down into a secret laboratory buried under his farm where he finds a soybean sample.  Showing Tracy and Junior his find, they have the plant analyzed by Diet Smith who is suprised to learn it can produce a biofuel 100 times more powerful than gasoline.
Now in the city, Grimley’s gang snatches B.O. off the street, take him back to the farm and force him to reveal the laboratory.  Now evening, Tracy, Junior and Lizz arrive as B.O. is forced underground and follow.  In a shoot-out Scythe and Grinder are shot dead and Plow is captured while Grimley himself escapes with the sample on a tractor across the field into the darkness.  Grimley takes the sample back to Piggy in the city, where the nefarious financier rewards him by throwing the farmer off his sky rise.
Piggot then flies to Houston and tries to sell the additive to oil companies for one billion dollars.  His thinking is this formula would put them out of business.  When the companies test the additive they find it releases a terrible pig waste smell that no consumer would tolerate and Piggot is laughed out of Houston.  Piggy returns to B.O.’s farm hoping to find a way to remove the stink from the additive.  B.O. catches Piggy and releases his pigs on him.  Things look dire for the financier but he manages to escape without clothes.

Bonnie Tracy and the Terrorists (September – December)
Tracy’s daughter Bonnie has graduated high school and is off to City U college where she will be staying in the dorms with her new roommate Maggie Irish.  Unknown to the Tracy family, a security officer named Frank Flunke finds a body on campus and he convinces the Dean to keep it from police for a day but encourages they double security.  While on campus, Dick Tracy sees the blood, finds the body and arrests Flunke for obstruction of justice.  The DA refuses to charge Flunke when coroners find the body was stolen from a funeral home.  Flunke, doesn’t know what the police have discovered and shoots dead a mugger named Sticker Steve and proclaims Steve was the murderer. 
Tracy believes there is something going on and launches his own investigation on City U campus.  Flunke begins to hire more security for the college, bringing in career criminals from the “All Purpose Gang”.  Tracy notices the new hires, takes pictures and identifies each of them.  We learn that the gang leader, Fiendish Fred and his girl Pilfer Patty are organizing something big for campus. 
Fiendish Fred begins transporting cargo containers off the city docks to the campus, each filled with foreign terrorists.  With over one hundred men, the terrorists led by Gnash, are unleashed on campus and begin taking prisoners and holding underneath the stadium.  Bonnie and Maggie are both taken captive and every cop in the city is called to campus.  The All Purpose Gang begins an unrestricted crime spree in the city, stealing valuables from all over the city.  Back on campus the still captive Bonnie leads Gnash (the only English speaking terrorist) over to a window where Dick Tracy grabs him from outside.  Tracy demands Gnash order his men to surrender, which surprisingly they do. 
Fiendish Fred meets up with his gang to take his share of the loot, but Frank Flunke double crosses the gang leader, shooting him and taking Pilfer Patty and the gang with him.  Fred survives the gunshot in a hospital and rats out Flunke’s location on a ship to Tracy.  Police swarm the cargo ship and most of the gang is captured but Flunke and Patty refuse to surrender and are shot dead by Tracy.
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