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Airport Sabotage (December – March)

Bonnie Tracy’s college roommate Maggie Irish makes repeated attempts to fly home to Boston over the holidays but is unable to get out of the city due to apparent mismanagement and malfunctions.  The Mayor is furious with airport manager G. Whizz and asks Dick Tracy to look for criminal sabotage.  A cavalier pilot named Rick Toffen tries to fly a plane to Boston by taking off from the grass but the plane goes down because of a malfunction.  No one is hurt but because of the timing Tracy begins to suspect Toffen may be involved.

The real criminal is a business man named J Kindly Goodheart who wants the airport to go under so he can earn profit from a land deal.  He bribed G. Whizz and hired a man named DeWitt (commonly called Dimwit) to sabotage the airport.  All this was done while his girlfriend Babe demanded a huge diamond necklace.

When Toffen narrowly saved a second plane from going down right after take-off, Tracy and Toffen work together to find the real culprits and narrow in on DeWitt.  Girlfriend Babe finds out Goodheart plans to ditch her for a new dame and so she strangles him with the diamond necklace before she and Dimwit fly off to Memphs.  The two each try to get away from the other with the diamond and while struggling out on the tarmac the two are killed by a propeller.  The diamond turns out to be glass and Tracy, who has figured out what happened declares the case closed.

Moonrock the Magician (February – May)

Washed up stage magician Moonrock is desperately trying to improve his act and buys an book on hypnotism which works flawlessly.  He uses his skills at a dive bar called Slimy Sams where the released convicts Cy Chotic and Scratchy are enjoying their first day of freedom.  The two criminals force Moonrock to put the bar room to sleep while they rob the place.  The gunless crime is so successful the two use Moonrock again, this time at a play starring Vitamin Flintheart.  Tess and Dick are in the crowd and also mesmerized and the crooks steal the detective’s badge and gun during the heist.

Eager to capture the criminals and get his weapon back, Tracy arranges a Police benefit show, once again starring Vitamin Flintheart.  With all other plays in town cancelled, Cy Chotic and Scratchy hire a couple hoodlums to help haul out the loot and force Moonrock back to the stage once again.  This time, Tracy is ready with a trap laid and Moonrock is dropped down a trapdoor in the stage.  Cy Chotic shoots it out with Tracy and is killed quickly after which Scratchy surrenders.  Outside Lizz is hit and injured by the truck of two hired hoodlums, Big Rig and Jack High.  Moonrock, who has slipped away was hiding in the truck and hypnotizes the two to drive their truck into the bay.

Moonrock, now free from the criminals tries to make amends by approaching crooks and hoodlums through-out the city and mesmerizing them to turn themselves.  Nearly a hundred cooks turn themselves in before a crime boss has two hitmen assassinate Moonrock in a bar.  Only after the hit do Lizz and Tracy figure out that Moonrock was behind the strange events.

Near the end of the Moonrock case, Dick and Tess Tracy take a southwest vacation, staying at a tribal hotel and casino overlooking an arid desert. While on a long hike together, the two discover the sitting skeletal remains of a Native American.  Joe High Eagle, a sergeant with the Tribal Police is notified and he and Tracy partner up on the investigation.  The body turns out to be six centuries old, but was wearing a new robe.  Joe suggests the two investigate an old Anasazi Pueblo village called Mesa Muerte.  In route they narrowly avoid a suspicious avalanche and Joe calls a partner named Little Rabbit in to help.

Finally reaching Mesa Muerte they find a pair of archeologists from the NewAge Exploration Institute who has permission to dig on the land from the tribal council.  The archeologists tell Tracy one of their discovered remains has gone missing.  While travelling, Joe and Tracy also come across the Los Locos National Nuclear Lab, just off the reservation.  Returning to the casino, Tess tells Dick she has been doing well at the slot machines but that all the other guests have left.  It turns out the Native American on the hillside has returned, and when Tracy investigates, he and Joe find a fresh body sitting on the hill this time.  The body belongs to a man named John Coyote who worked as professional guide and had a record helping smuggle bones out of the reservation.

Meanwhile, four covert military men are in the hills checking out the Los Locos lab, which they raid and then escape from on dune buggies.  Joe and Tracy hear the gunshots while in the hills the next day and track down the men.  It turns out these men work for the government testing facility security.  The Los Locos lab has failed badly due to a previously cut fence and it is likely the lab will be shutdown. We learn the fence was cut by Little Rabbit, who has been working with a Shaman and tribal leader who preaches returning to the “old ways”.  When Tracy returns to the Casino (where Tess is up $2,000 dollars), Little Rabbit, who is in the hills, takes a shot at the couple with a high-powered rifle.  Joe and Tracy go into the hills and track down Little Rabbit, capturing him with a taser application on Tracy’s wrist genie.

Little Rabbit refuses to talk in jail, but Joe and Tracy begin to suspect a man seen driving around in a fancy new sports car.  This man happens to be the Shaman, who it is revealed is working with Mr. Sprawl of the Endless Desert Development Company in a plot to drive the casino and nuclear facility away so there will be enough water to develop the Green Valley ranch estates.  With the Casino refusing to close until the Tracy’s leave, the Shaman convinces a dozen braves to attack the Casino, where Joe and Tracy hold them off in a shootout.  Little Rabbit, having somehow escaped from prison confronts the Shaman on his betray and the two shoot each other dead.  The remaining braves surrender to their tribal chief and the case is closed as Mr. Sprawl learns he is ruined because his development will not happen without water.

The High Tech Gang (August – November)

After he is thrown out of Rocky sequel at the movie theater, Cellphone (called CP for short) calls in his gang of high-tech pirates and hackers to get some movie revenge. The gang, consisting of Broadband, Burner, CD, Download, Digit, Handheld and Miss Laptop use a Video Games and Computerama store as their hideout. Working together they copy a digital satellite feed and begin mass producing perfect copies of a current DVD movie.

Dick Tracy has been arresting street hawkers selling pirated movies and so aggrieved DVD producer Vic DeVoir from Malibu is sent by Agent Laidback of the FBI to see Tracy. After Tracy confirms the DVD hawkers are selling DeVoir’s movies, Tracy goes to make an arrest but finds the hawkers have already given up the scam. Instead, with Cellphone’s guidance they begin telemarketing as the “Hot DVD Home Movie Club.” Before Tracy can catch up to this latest scam, Cellphone closes the telemarketing scheme down as well and the gang focuses on industrial espionage.

Tracy finally gets a break when the DVD’s are found in the dump by a kid and a fingerprint leads him to tech criminal Download. Using a Diet Smith drone helicopter, they follow Download to the gang’s new hideout but the gang escapes to a backup hideout, a store named “Ye Olde Antiques.” Cellphone has brought in recently released convict Mr. Pixel, the best computer guy in the city to help them out with their espionage heist. They plan on targeting Diet Smith’s company, with Burner and Miss Laptop infiltrating as employees and transmitting corporate secrets. Pixel betrays the team with Download though, ratting the rest of the gang out to the police, everyone but Cellphone is arrested. Cellphone finds Download and the two get into a fist fight while Pixel slips away, possibly with the Diet Smith Industries information. Cellphone and Download are then killed by Diet’s Zapper Eavesdropper prototype that utilizes CP’s cell phone. Pixel is placed on a wanted poster and the case is closed.

A large businessman by the name of Oily profits off fluctuating gas prices by buying low and selling back high to local stores. While Oily does threaten hesitant shop owners, Dick Tracy doesn’t hear of this and is forced to let Oily go when his lawyer Slick points out buying low and selling high is not illegal. The money-making scheme loses some of its luster to Oily though when he finds out he’s not actually breaking any laws and he asks his lawyer to come up with a better scheme. Slick suggests they steal gasoline from a coastline refinery, using local wind turbines to power the siphoning pumps.

Meanwhile, at Leafy Dale Asylum, patient #245 has seen Man of La Mancha one to many times and thinks he is Don Quixote. Calling himself Don Quick Oatie he leaves the asylum wearing armor and armed with a broomstick. Finding himself a horse he comes across B.O. Plenty who is out looking for money for Christmas. Claiming B.O. is Sancho Panza, he enlists B.O. to ride a burro alongside him as they engage the “Giants” (windmills) along the shore.

Tracy has received reports that the missing patient may have kidnapped B.O. and goes looking for the two but instead comes across tanker trucks siphoning fuel from a fuel line. He and Lizz investigate and are captured by a thug named Sludge who is operating the truck. Sludge plans to take the two back to Oily and the two are placed inside the trucks tank.

Don Quick Oatie spies the tanker truck and decides it is a dragon and attacks it with a piece of fence, which is his “Broadsword.” He seems to cause no harm before he is unhorsed, but in fact he cuts the brake line and the tanker crashes into an auto garage once it makes it to the edge of town. Tracy and Lizz escape out of an open hatch in the tank and hide themselves in the garage, calling for reinforcements when Oily and his men begin to search the building to kill Dick Tracy. Don Quick Oatie rides to save the day, spearing an electrical box with his broom and starting a fire. The tanker truck explodes, with Lizz, Tracy, Oily and Slick barely escaping.

Oily and Slick run into a blizzard, trying to get away and Tracy and Sam follow their trail. The two criminals seek safety in the interior of a wind turbine, at the top near the blades. Quick Oatie, who has been wandering around on his horse, dejected, spies the windmill and attacks it, getting hooked on a blade and spun around. Oily sends Slick out to investigate the sound and Slick falls to his death, landing on a service building next to the windmill which catches both structures on fire. On fire and burning quick, the windmill collapses, slinging Don Quick Oatie off into the snow while Oily is killed in the fire. After a long search, Tracy finds Don Quick Oatie has survived his fall and returned to his Asylum, caring little for the days events.

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