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Tracy and Long Haired Music (November – April)

World famous Maestro, Phillip Harmonic, conducts a Respighi symphony with Tess and Dick in the audience. Phillip is furious and barely able to hold his emotions in check because his son Ludwig has taken their Stradivarius string instrument. Ludwig sells the Stradivarius for $2 million dollars and returns a substitute violin to his father who is not fooled and threatens to kill him. Ludwig ignores these threats and renames himself Kid Vicious, the lead in a new rock band calling themselves “The Ringtones”.

The buyer of the stolen Stradivarius is Virgil Ohso and he hires a man named Chris Shendo to install a bomb in the instrument without affecting its musical performance. The Stradivarius is then returned to Maestro just in time for an embassy gala held for a new ambassador. The Ambassador is a fan of American rock music and both a string quartet led by Phillip Harmonic and the Ringtones will play. The Chief asks Tracy and Tess to attend as additional security and Tracy notices the Stradivarius does not go through the detection machines and leaps to the correct conclusion it must be a bomb. He grabs the instrument and throws it in a swimming pool where it explodes harmlessly when a high C note is played elsewhere.

As the place is evacuated Virgil Ohso and his muscle Low Note are outside to see the results of their mayhem and young Ludwig notices Virgil as the man he sold the Stradivarius to. He confronts the men and his father gets involved before Virgil pulls a gun and fires. Ludwig dives in front of his dad, sacrificing himself to save the Maestro. Tray then shoots Virgil, wounding him and taking him in custody. The Ambassador recognizes Virgil as a former employee they fired for embezzlement. At the end of the strip, the Maestro performs with the Ringtones in a special rock concert in memory of his son.

The Murder Mystery Party (April – July)

Tracy is invited to a Murder Mystery Party to be held at the Science Museum and he agrees to attend. The Party is actually a play directed by Anja Nu that re-enacts one of his famous cases where he will play the role of himself and a man named Johnny Nothing will play the part of the Blank. Little does Tracy know, Johnny Nothing is actually the grandson of the Blank and is seeking revenge. Chief Lizz and other members are invited to watch the show and after several rehearsals the play takes place and half way through the first act Tracy realizes Nothing is using live ammunition.

Tracy flees the stage with Johnny Nothing in pursuit and Anja calls intermission. Tracy runs throughout the museum, hiding in a submarine and later a hanging World War 2 Stukka fighter plane with Nothing in pursuit. The Blank’s grandson corners Tracy in the Stukka cockpit and raises an axe to finish him off when he is shot and falls to the floor. Tracy is surprised to find the shooter is Anja Nu, who continues holding a gun on the detective. She is seeking fame and wants to shoot Tracy dead and pin the blame on Johnny to make her play famous. It’s not fated to happen though as the Stukka’s moorings give way and the plane falls, crushing Anja. Johnny Nothing survives his wounds and is charged with attempted murder.

The Homeless Tycoon (July – November)

A city Tycoon David Dierdorft D’Buckworth (aka 3-D) has gone missing and Tracy is asked to investigate. According to his wife Penny D’Buckworth, David has made an enemy of nearly everyone he has worked with on his way to becoming a billionaire for inventing 3D movies that don’t need glasses to watch. A body is found by a jogger with a large blue butterfly tattoo and Penny confirms it is David. Tracy learns from David’s secretary Sue Doko that just before his death the tycoon withdraw a large amount of cash in $1000 bills, which a strange bum in the city has been handing out to people who do good deeds.

Further investigation revealed that David was actually blackmailing former business partners including those now working at Whrli Enterprises and both sides plotted revenge on the other. Whrli Enterprises falls and it’s board is arrested after their misdeeds are leaked by someone to the press and Tracy disguises himself as a bum to track down the man handing out money in the streets. Of course, the man is none other than David D’Buckworth himself and after several homeless men help Tracy subdue David (and his wife who shows up suddenly), both D’Buckworths are arrested for blackmail.

Dr. Mordred (November – March)

Dr. Mordered was a serial killer, considered the most hated man in the United States who murdered 11 people before he was cornered and captured by the FBI. The FBI asked Dick Tracy to quietly transport Mordred to his city for sentencing and the two drove into a terrible storm and their vehicle was swept away by flood waters. Abandoning the vehicle, the two sought refuge in an old granary while a storm of the century beat down around them. Mordred passed the time threatening to kill Tracy until he was able to escape the chains holding him and make an attempt on his murderous promise. Tracy forced the serial killer back with his hand gun, holding him at bay over 36 hours until a swarm of rats seeking refuge from flood waters swarmed the room. Dick jumped from the collapsing granary to safety but Mordred was killed by the rats.

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