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Dr. Mordred (November – March)

Dr. Mordred was a serial killer, considered the most hated man in the United States who murdered 11 people before he was cornered and captured by the FBI. The FBI asked Dick Tracy to quietly transport Mordred to his city for sentencing and the two drove into a terrible storm and their vehicle was swept away by flood waters. Abandoning the vehicle, the two sought refuge in an old granary while a storm of the century beat down around them. Mordred passed the time threatening to kill Tracy until he was able to escape the chains holding him and make an attempt on his murderous promise. Tracy forced the serial killer back with his hand gun, holding him at bay over 36 hours until a swarm of rats seeking refuge from flood waters swarmed the room. Dick jumped from the collapsing granary to safety but Mordred was killed by the rats.

Dick Tracy returns to the office where he and his team are overjoyed to find Pat Patton back and in uniform. He reports he is cancer free after undergoing chemotherapy and has been reinstated as Police Chief by the Mayor. Lizz has stepped down as Chief and rejoins Tracy’s Major Crimes Squad. We also learn that William Millyuns and his attorney Felix Weatherlimmp will be speaking at the America for Americans Rally on their undercover career fighting terrorism in Hawaii. These two bums are known in the city as Willie the Fifth and Flyface, whom he thought killed years ago. Tracy visits the two and finds they have been working with the FBI, which Jim Trailer confirms.

Diet Smith calls Tracy, warning him that his company had developed a beam weapon capable of dispersing rioters or at a more focused setting disable a car. This weapon, called Thor’s Hammer, was discontinued due to possible misuse but in the last week he terminated an employee, Ed Garcia who worked on the project. Diet suspected that employee may sell the weapon schematics, which in fact happen. Ed Garcia is the nephew of former Big Boy doll, Texie Garcia and contacts the Fifth through a middleman in the park named Pouch. At a meeting in Club Gray, Garcia offers both the weapon schematics, and more important for Fifth, a prototype of the weapon which he has hidden away.

Meanwhile, Tracy and his team are currently looking for Ed, and visit a Barney Dhatkham, a Flintstones collector and seller of bootleg DVD’s at Bedrock PC Works. Barney confirms he sold a bunch of computer equipment to Garcia which could be used for his technological goals.

Lizz takes a break from the hunt and hits Jamaica Me Tan over the lunch hour. By chance, the Fifth is in the same tanning salon and recognizes Lizz as the cop who killed his brother Halfa Millyun. (“She threw him out a second story window”). He enters Lizz’s tanning booth and takes her prisoner. Lizz broadcasts static on her two-way wrist radio, alerting Sam and Dick to her distress. Junior, who has been staking out Ed Garcia’s home, tails the man across town and Tracy and Sam race to the location.

Fifth and Lizz meet Garcia and Flyface at a Smith Industries locker where Garcia has stowed away the beam weapon prototype. Fifth plans to test the weapon on Lizz but Flyface objects, arguing they are legit with the FBI now. Fifth however is sick of working for the government and Flyface and so when Flyface tries to leave he fire the weapon on the disgusting attorney, killing him in a blinding flash. Tracy and Sam, arrive just in time to see the murder and Dick fires his sidearm at Fifth. The bullet hits the beam weapon and Willie the Fifth and Ed Garcia are both killed in the resulting explosion.

Flakey Biscuits (April – May)

The story starts with Gravel Gertie and B.O. Plenty giving birth to their second child, a boy who puts shivers down the spine of the hardest cop and sends nurses screaming in terror. The Plenty’s name their little bundle of joy, Attitude.

At the Flakey Biscuits factory, home of the Flakey Biscuits Show and of course the famous biscuit, Mrs. Biscuit sends her aid Hot Rize to the Plenty house with cameras and four 50lb bags of flour as a gift. We soon find out there was a mixup in the delivery, and delivery man Earl grabbed bags of pure cocaine intended for a dealer named George Romero.

Hot Rize and Earl return to the Plenty household, where Gertie has been having a terrible time cooking with the cocaine. They exchange the bags with the Plentys none the wiser on the substance that was in their house. On the way back to the factory, Rize shoots Earl dead for asking to many questions.

Tracy and Sam investigate Earl’s body the abandoned Flakey Biscuits truck, Officer Doherty with police dog Mugg assist and Mugg finds trace amounts of cocaine in the vehicle. Tracy’s team visits the factory and while Tracy interviews Hot Rize, Sam notices some odd mislabeled bags of what should be flour. Junior reports in that the biscuits Gertie tried to make back at Sunny Dell Acres were laced with cocaine. This is enough evidence and Tracy gets a warrant for the factory.

While serving the warrant, Mugg again locates cocaine and Hot Rize fires on the cops from an elevated position. She then tries to hide in a flour hopper, which is mysteriously turned on, suffocating her to death. The hand doing the deed no doubt belongs to Flakey Biscuits herself. Flakey surrenders to the police, asking for immunity and protection in return for giving up the entire drug operation which she claims Rize forced upon her. Tracy doubts this story, but cannot disprove it and remarks that she will probably get her wish.

An old law enforcement friend, Haku Kou approaches Tracy asking for some help. He is in town playing the role of the whip wielding Scarlet Sting, a comic book superhero with a sidekick named Poneytail. Haku tells Dick an unknown individual is shaking down the film for money. We learn that individual is a devil haired man with a penchant for repeating his last line named Doubleup. When Lizz goes undercover as a Ponytail stunt double, the original Ponytail stand-in, Emma Parks loses her job, which infuriates Doubleup who was using her to pass on his monetary demands to the film crew. Parks tries to walk out on Doubleup and he kills her with a whip before donning a Scarlet Sting outfit and going to the set to punish the producers for not paying up.

Lizz, dressed as the blond Ponytail has been tied to a chair on a plank over a pool of water when Doubleup arrives and begins to threaten her with a whip. Haku Kou and Dick Tracy see the action on the monitor and know something is amiss. Haku puts on his own Scarlet Sting outfit and battles Doubleup whip on whip. Haku disarms the villain and Lizz trips him into the water. The body of Emma Parks is found upstairs and Tracy arrests Doubleup.

Honeymoon finds a “The Making of the Scarlet Sting” DVD bootleg starring Dick Tracy in Barney Dhatkham’s store and shows it to his Pop Pop (Dick Tracy). Barney is one of Sam’s contacts so the detectives decide to taget Barney’s supplier. Honeymoon returns to the store and cleverly misleads Barney so she can read the supplier shipping label. Junior then dresses up and goes undercover to the supplier, Bea Bea Entertainment, as jackie Steele, a new business owner looking for pirated videos.

Junior wears a ring camera during the operation and Tracy is surprised to see B-B Eyes (Mr. Eislander) is in charge of the operation. B-B Eyes, a former tire bootlegger from the war has been presumed dead for many years. Junior has DVD’s delivered to a front store but during the delivery, B-B Eyes men, the brothers Screwball and Cueball notice Junior’s wrist wizard. B-B visits a park informant named Pouch and finds out Junior is indeed undercover and that the DVDs are now in his home, awaiting pick up by the FBI. Cueball and Screwball are sent with a van to steal back the DVD evidence, and while they do so, Honeymoon jumps in the back of the van and calls it in with her wrist wizard.

A camera in the back of the van reveals Honeymoon to the criminals and back at their warehouse they lock the girl in the back and begin piping in exhaust. B-B Eyes considers this payback for police killings of Itchy, Shaky and his brother Jacques. Honeymoon is in a dire situation but Tracy and Sam have tracked her signal and crash into the warehouse, taking Cueball and Screwball hostage. B-B Eyes escapes in a moving van but Tracy jumps in the back and rides along to his home. The old hoodlum is living in his ex-wife Kitty’s house, the same house Itchy and Kitty tried to starve Tracy to death in.

When Dick announces his presence, B-B Eyes gives up without a fight, claiming to only be guilty of DVD piracy and that he was unaware of what his men were doing with Honeymoon. The old gangster is quickly released from prison after a light bail is paid for by Panda, who is working for the new Mr. Crime. B-B Eyes goes back to work doing the same job, only this time for Mr. Crime.

Morning Gloria (August – September)

Next door to Sunny Dell Acres, the “Say it with Flowers” greenhouse owned by George Decopolus has become a front for a bomb maker named Morning Gloria. George had a stroke 3 years ago and has turned the running of the greenhouse over to Gloria while a slow-witted nurse named Mina took care of him. When a pair of men wanted by the FBI try to stiff Gloria during a deal, she and Mina (both of whom are physical powerful) crush the two dumb terrorists.

Radio host Ted Tellum has been focused on terrorists on his talk show and gives Tracy a call regarding tips he has received about terrorists supplied with fertilizer from a local farm or greenhouse. With Sam on vacation, settling his daughter Julie in college, Lizz and Dick visit possible supply sources and Lizz approaches the Decopolus Nursery where she is turned away by Gloria. Hearing Tellum’s rants on the radio, Gloria dumps the two terrorist bodies in Ted Tellum’s parking space. Tellum is surprised by this and panics, disposing of the bodies in a sewer and having the van impounded.

Police find the bodies and they are linked to the vehicle in Ted Tellum’s space. Tellum has gone to pieces on his radio show, drinking heavily, taking prescription drugs and ranting about terrorists. Tracy arrests Tellum on drug charges and after Ted cools off he admits how he found the bodies. A logbook in the terrorist vehicle leads Dick and Lizz back to the Decopolus nursery. They serve a warrant and Dick is attacked by Morning Gloria while Mina grabs Lizz to keep her from interfering. After a brutal fist fight, Tracy knocks Gloria out a window and pulls a second firearm. After a brief fight, Lizz convinces Gloria to release her for ten dollars. (9 more dollars than cousin Gloria pays her). Gloria goes to jail, Mina is a minor celebrity and the Plenty’s take over caring for George Decopolus. Tellum enters rehab.

In a three-day side story we are introduced to Blaze Rize, twin sister of the slain Hot Rize, who is given the location of Flakey Biscuits in witness protection by Panda in exchange for her services for Mr. Crime. She also bails Doubleup and Mumbles out of jail.

Brandon is Shot and 1931 Flashback (September – October)

On a dark quiet evening, G.R. Brandon, proprietor of “Lawn Order” and former Chief of Police is shot three times while doing the books. The former chief fires twice in return before collapsing and Lizz and Sam race to the seen. Current Chief Pat Patton and Dick Tracy wait restlessly for news of their former boss.

While in the vehicle, Sam retells the story of how Brandon brought Dick into the plainclothes unit of the police department. In this flashback, Tracy was already a patrol officer, partnered with a man named Jerry. Tracy foiled a bank robbery, garnering Brandon’s attention. During the retelling we are reacquainted with many of the more famous former foes and shown what each was doing at the time of the crime. This included Flattop, Blowtop, 88 Keyes, Big Boy, Open Mind Monty, the Mole, Pruneface and the Brow.

The flashback continued through the death of Emil Trueheart and Tracy joining the plainclothes squad and his impersonation of Beak Lawson to take down Crutch and Ace during the Fletcher-Collins robbery where Tess was used as a hostage. This whole retelling differs from the actual events that took place in 1931, but as Sam is simply telling a story he had heard, it is understandable there are differences.

After the story is told, we learn Brandon will pull through his surgery and the shooter, identified by Brandon and Big Frost is found dead from his wounds in an alley two blocks away. Big Frost we learn, was two days out of jail for his murder of Brilliant Smith, which led to Chief Brandon’s resignation many years ago.

In two brief follow ups, we see Panda meet and dominate members of the Apparatus in the name of Mr. Crime. Assisting him are Doubleup, B-B Eyes and Mumbles. In the second we watch as Blaze Rize tracks down Flakey Biscuits it Wisconsin and shoot her dead for the death of Hot Rize.

Junior and Sparkle take Honeymoon, Jewel and Joseph to the Abner Kadaver House of Terror at a Halloween carnival and Honeymoon takes down a dummy that scares her, finding a real skeleton beneath the costume. Junior calls Dick who begins asking Abner Kadaver questions. Kadaver, a monstrous looking man himself, claims all skeletons in his house of terror were legally bought and presents his associate, Vera Alldid to answer further questions.

This is quite the surprise for the Tracy family, Vera is the divorced husband of Sparkle Plenty from years ago. He has fallen on hard times, his syndicated comic strip, “The Invisible Tribe” has been cancelled, he is now drawing a scary coloring book for Kadaver.

Lee Ebony looks into Abner’s background and with the help of a horror historian, Dr. Meangreen (real name Larry), they learn the morbid carnival man once hosted a horror television show but was replaced by a young 19-year-old named Baron Clovis to cut costs. Abner then started a prop and effects shop. Meangreen makes the connection that the corpse Honeymoon found was dressed exactly like Baron Clovis but investigations show the remains actually belong to “Sizzler” Sitzes, a “button” man who vanished after a hit and run that killed Charles Adams, the young actor who played Baron Clovis.

Vera gets trashed at a local bar owned by released thug Cueball and approaches Sparkle, asking for money. Sparkle rebuffs him and Sam Catchem takes him to the station and Dick takes him to his home, the Kadaverwerks Warehouse where he has been sleeping. There Abner is waiting and knocks both Tracy and Vera unconscious. Tracy is tied to a Frankenstein type table with a Pendulum blade slow descending towards him. Kadaver reveals he has been a hitman for 30 years and has been hired to kill Tracy. Junior arrives with gun drawn, having followed Dick, no doubt to confront Vera Alldid. Kadaver throws down a smoke bomb and vanishes and the younger Tracy rescues his father just in the nick of time.

In a final scene, we see Panda talking with Mr. Crime over a computer and we find that Mr. Crime was the one who hired the hitman to kill Tracy.

Christmas Early arrives at police headquarters and promises a donation to the Police Athletic League if Dick will be a guest judge on her “Makeup Meltdown” show on the Efexx Network. During the episode, three makeup artists will be dressing up as famous criminals he has fought in the past. Dick is surprised to find out Harley Niav, aka Putty Puss has been released from prison to also judge. Harley has a private guard from the prison to watch over him.

Filming of the contest takes place immediately, with the first two contestants posing as Blowtop Jones and Angeltop Jones. The last contestant arrives looking like Flattop Jones, who immediately pulls a revolver out and fires on Dick Tracy who dives to the floor. Dick notices Flattop’s face begin to melt, meaning the attacker is actually Putty Puss. His assailant flees out of the building to a waiting car with two associates, Winkin and Blinkin inside. They drive him to a hideout where a third man, Nod waits with a newcomer. The informant Pouch demands payoff from Putty Puss to keep from revealing his hideout. Harley decides to pay the man.

Back at the movie studio, the prison guard who was watching Putty Puss is arrested when he is found to have been impersonating Putty Puss on the judges panel. The third contestant is found alive, tied up in his room.

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