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Son of Spike (January)

While the Major Crimes Squad is engaged in a manhunt of escaped Putty Puss, Zany band leader Spike Smith asks Tracy to help his son, Spike Junior. Spike Jr. has a band, Son of Spike that is performing at Cueball’s club and Spike heard from another band that Cueball uses travelling bands to haul drugs across the country.

Dick and Sam visit the club and meet Cueball, out of jail on bail after his arrest working for B-B Eyes. Cueball doesn’t own the club, but lends his name and is the manager. Unknown to the detectives, Cueball is still working for B-B Eyes, who is in turn moving drugs for Mr. Crime and cocaine is hidden inside a Cello case.

During the second night on the case, Tracy’s entire squad (Dick, Sam, Lizz and Lee Ebony) hang out in the crowd during the Son of Spike show. While Cueball is outside, signing an autograph for a supposed fan, a second Cueball shows up, dressed in a suit. This is in fact Putty Puss in disguise. Putty Puss tricks the book-keeper Crachit into giving him the night’s take and then he and his crew of Winkin, Blinkin and Nod try to leave.

While Putty Puss strugles to find a back exit, Cueball discovers he has been robbed and tells Tracy. Cueball slips away from the cops and intercepts Putty Puss at the back entrance. The two exchange words and gunfire, Cueball is killed and Putty Puss badly wounded. After shots are fired, Winkin and Blinkin fire on Tracy and he returns fire, wounding one and taking the two into custody. Sam arrests two bouncers who tried to subdue him and Nod, who was waiting in a get away car is arrested and Putty Puss outside are also arrested. Lizz and Lee stumble across the Cello case drugs in an equipment room.

The Mole vs. Thunderchild (February – March)

Hearing that homeless families are now living in his old underground hotel, the reformed Mole begins to take care of them. Patty Cure, a publicist for the aggressive professional wrestler Thunderchild arranges a “Circle of Steel” match for her client to raise money for the Mole’s families. This is purely a publicity ploy and the Mole feels used by the event but goes along because of the good it can do.

Thunderchild, however is a bad egg and tricks one of Patty’s aides into giving him the donation money. When Patty confronts him he breaks her leg before storming out of her office to wrestle in the event. Patty calls Dick Tracy for help but meanwhile the Mole is furious and storms to Locher Auditorium and attacks Thunderchild.

Thunderchild struggles but gains the upper hand, throwing the Mole into Tracy and Catchem who have shown up to help. The commentators keep the situation light, pretending it is part of the show and one of the announcers, Jerry King storms into the ring and defeats Thunderchild with a pile driver. The wrestler is arrested for assault, battery and grand larceny.

In a continuing “intermission” side story, Doubleup’s assault and murder charges are dismissed when his high-priced lawyer, Mr. Kleen gets him off when a key witness goes missing. That witness, Mr. Levitz was killed by Abner Kadaver, who like Doubleup is now working for Panda and the new Mr. Crime. We are also introduced to the rest of Panda’s team, including B-B Eyes, Mumbles and Blaze Rize. Blaze is sent off to recruit Mumbles old quartet members to join their team.

Blackjack (March – April)

The upbeat national bank robber Blackjack sets his sights on Dick Tracy’s city, hoping to match wits with the famous detective. While using firearms, Blackjack refuses to cause any harm to innocents and only targets reprehensible banks, which he robs while playing the song ‘Tubthumping’ by Chumbawama on a device around his neck.

FBI Special Agent Fritz Ann Dietrich has been tracking the bank robbery across the country and arrives to brief Patton, Tracy and the rest of the team. Understanding Blackjack’s M.O., they look for negative press on local banks and find the Whole Sum Bank & Trust to be a prime target after trying to foreclose on Hotshot Airlines (featuring a cameo of Hotshot Charlie). Of course this is just what Blackjack is hoping for and he begins his robbery of that very bank and waits for the police.

When Tracy arrives Blackjack releases all the hostages except Mr. Wormsworth and then invites Dick in to take the bank presidents place as a hostage. As heavy snow begins to fall, Blackjack takes the hero cop to the roof of the bank so he can witness their escape down a zip line to a snowplow he and his two thugs have waiting.

Dick hops on to a snow mobile and quickly chases after the snow plow, when one of Blackjack’s men, Anthony tries to take a shot at Dick, Blackjack throws his associate from the plow. Blackjack’s snow plow becomes trapped and the manic criminal agrees to surrender after Tracy offers to let him shoot a hole through his hat so that it will be placed on his wall of wounded hats. Fritz Ann takes Blackjack into custody.

The New Mr. Crime (April – July)

Panda and the gang of high-profile criminals working for the mysterious new Mr. Crime further expand on their operation by adding a recently released Littleface Finney and the other three members of the Mumbles Quartet to their team. Blaze Rize delivers a package to Davey Mylar, a young man still living with his mom. Panda believes Davey is the nephew of the current Mr. Crime, whom he has never met and only communicates with over the computer.

Mumbles and his Quartet kill record authority Vincent Vinyl and quickly apply for death benefits to be paid to his niece, Kassie Ette, whom Mumbles is romancing. When Panda finds Vinyl’s body being consumed by his Muerta vines he is furious with Mumbles for such a stupid crime. Blaze points out there was a reason these hoodlums were caught the first time.

Since Vinyl is still considered missing, the ear;u death benefit claim is suspicious and Kassie Ette hires the Tracy Agency (Johnny Adonis and Tess Tracy) to investigate and they bump into her husband in Vinyl’s apartment. The agency and the major crimes squad join forces and begin a hunt for Mumbles, whom clues suggested may be involved. The speech-impaired criminal’s Quartet call a meet with Panda, hoping to dump their boss but Panda turns the tables and Abner Kadaver kills the Quartet in a car bomb meant to warn Mumbles he needs to be a team player.

Police pick of Mumbles for the bombing of his band mates and he claims innocence. Fingerprints are found on the car bomb device belonging to Abner Kadaver and this information is leaked by a cop shop informant to Wendy Wichel before even Dick Tracy is notified. This disturbs Dick and he and his team begin operating out of the Tracy Agency to any more leaks.

Littleface Finney approaches the police of his own free will and tells them of the new Mr. Crime gang gathered at the Panda Talent agency. He confirms the existence of a mole in the police department and offers to work with them to get Kassie Ette (currently at the Panda Agency) to safety before they raid the den of villains. While Littleface works on Ms. Ette, Tracy’s team identifies the cop house mole to be Lieutenant Teevo. They do not immediately arrest Teevo to avoid spooking Mr. Crime’s gang.

Blaze is forced to take young Davey Mylar out to dinner where he reveals to her that he is the new Mr. Crime. Davey had found a lockbox with money and blackmail information in the rubble of George Alpha’s club and is using the position to pay off large medical bills from his father’s death and take care of his mother. He asks her to protect him and help him visit the gang’s hideout. When the two arrive, he immediately hits it off with Doubleup since both love the Scarlet Sting.

FBI Special Agent Fritz Ann arrives with a warrant on the Panda agency thus bypassing any local leaks to the gang and the entire MCS with Fritz Ann, Johnny Adonis and Tess Tracy raid the clubhouse. Patton stays back at the station and when Teevo notices on monitors that Tracy is at the Panda Talent Agency he panics and Pat tries to arrest him. Teevo fires on Patton, grazing the Chief’s scalp and then escaping.

Inside the hideout, the gang notices the approaching cops and there are a variety of reactions. Most prepare to shoot it out while Davey panics and Doubleup grabs him as a hostage. Blaze protects Davey, shooting Doubleup and driving him off. Littleface tries to sneak Kassie Ette out the back door. He is intercepted by Mumbles and the to trade gunfire.

Hearing gunshots, Tracy kicks in the front door and Abner Kadaver throws smoke bombs to cloud the situation. Kadaver and B-B Eyes advance on the cops and Abner stabs Lizz in the shoulder with his sword while Lee Ebony puts bullets into him. B-B Eyes trades gunfire with Dick Tracy.

In the back Lt. Teevo shows up seeking protection but is brushed off by Panda who grabs a shotgun to get into the fight. The mysterious Mushroom lady, keeper of the Muerta Vines lures Teevo into the vine room where he is consumed by the plants. A wounded Doubleup stumbles into Mumbles who has survived the shootout with Littleface (who left) and the two team up. Mumbles is shot three times by Sam, Tess and Johnny before he gives up and demands to be taken to the hospital. Doubleup wounds Sam with his whip before he is shot and taken down by Fritz Ann. B-B Eyes is knocked out cold by Tracy.

Amid all the gunfire, Blaze and Davey head for an escape tunnel but Davey is hit by a ricochet in the back and lays dying. He asks Blaze to make up a story for his mom and tells her his computer will wipe itself down after a number of hours so no one will ever know his secret. Meanwhile, Panda patiently waits in ambush and fires his shotgun on Tracy, wounding the cop before running through the Barracuda pool room. Panda slips and falls into the pool and seems to be eaten.

The fight over, the police wrap up with Wendy Wichel reporting outside. Panda, Davey and Teevo are dead while B-B Eyes, Doubleup, Abner Kadaver, Mumbles and the Mushroom lady are arrested. Sam, Dick, Patton and Lizz are all mildly wounded and Blaze Rize has made good on her escape.

Stiletta Jones (July – August)

After the shootout in the Panda Talent Agency, Dick Tracy, who has suffered a shoulder wound from a shotgun is sedated and taken away by ambulance. The ambulance does not go to the hospital though, instead Tracy is transported to a warehouse where a fake hospital room has been built by Stiletta Jones and her two henchmen, Franz (a surgeon) and Hugo.

Stiletta Jones is the ex-wife of Flattop Jones and the mother of their two children, Flattop Jr. and Angeltop Jones, all of whom have died after confronting Dick Tracy and his team. After leaving Flattop, Stiletta spent time with a European Circus where she was the mistress of Knives. She has returned seeking revenge for the Jones family.

Dick’s team quickly realizes he’s gone missing and hits the pavement looking for him while keeping the situation out of the press. Old friend Frizzletop approaches the police station, looking for Dick to warn him the ex-wife of her cousin Flattop Jones has come over from Europe to kill him. With Tracy gone, Patton talks to her and Sam takes the lead and approaches information broker Pouch in the park, using a veiled threat to convince Pouch to give him an address of a European circus act that is new in town.

Sam finds the warehouse where Dick is being held and slowly drained of blood. Stiletta and Hugo enter the room and Sam hides beneath a gurney but is discovered. He and Dick are forced into the stolen ambulance, Mrs. Flattop assuming their hideout is no longer safe. While in the ambulance, Dick fakes heart trouble which Sam claims is his bad heart and defibrillator paddles are charged which Sam uses to zap Franz before he and Dick jump out the back on the gurney. Mrs. Flattop and her cohorts drive away and the two detectives roll to the safety of an actual hospital.

In a two-day intermission in this story, a masked woman looking like long dead Moon Maid prevents an ATM robbery using an electrical blast which is caught on film by a reporter.

Phishface (August – September)

The Last Chance Motor Lodge is hosting a western film festival and features Vista Bill’s sidekick, Blowhard Flintheart (Vitamin Flintheart). Vitamin finds the body of Arthur Curry in the lodge parking lot and he calls Dick Tracy. Curry is the head of the City Aquarium next door and we are soon introduced to his murderer, a man named Phishface. Phishface and his partner Chum Lee have a secret hideout in the aquarium which Curry had discovered. They use this hideout to operate an online phishing scheme that includes selling pirated Themesong CD’s and a virus triggered PC recovery site.

Musician Themesong, an old friend of Tracy’s is in town and brings up the fake CD’s and Patton confirms with FBI agent Fritz Ann that the scam is based out of their city. Honeymoon also loses $300 after ordering a Themesong CD online. Dick and Sam raid the producers of the bogus Themesong CD’s and get the name Phishface from the manager. Sam talks to Bedrock PC’s owner Barney Dhatkham and finds Phishface loves sushi and goes to Joe’s Sushi next to the aquarium for lunch every day.

Sam comes across Chum Lee at Joe’s Sushi and sets up a meeting with Phishface, but the two criminals recognize Sam’s wrist wizard and take him captive. Sam is placed into an anchored diving suit that is dropped into an old aquarium tank with only an hour of oxygen.

Sam comes across Chum Lee at Joe’s Sushi and sets up a meeting with Phishface, but the two criminals recognize Sam’s wrist wizard and take him captive. Sam is placed into an anchored diving suit that is dropped into an old aquarium tank with only an hour of oxygen.

Dick, Lizz and Lee follow in Sam’s footsteps and investigate Joe’s Sushi and then head over to the aquarium where Honeymoon Tracy, her sister Jewel and cousin Joe are on a school trip. While the Major Crimes squad patrol the area with Officer Doherty and police dog Mugg, Honeymoon spies Phishface, whom she recognizes from her wrist wizard (she’s been spying on Tracy’s activity). She approaches Phishface and Chum and the pair try to grab her when they see her wrist wizard. She fights back and Jewel and Joe gang tackle Chum. Officer Doherty releases Mugg on Phishface and the criminals are taken into custody while Sam is rescued from his watery death trap.

Half way through this story a 3 day arc shows us a masked Moon Maid like woman zapping a purse snatcher on the city streets. Is this Moon Maid?

Here’s Measles! (October – November)

There is a short intermission before this story begins in which we see a masked Moon Maid type character destroying the tombstone of Mysta Tracy calling out to a security guard that she is not dead. Tracy and Junior begin looking closer at these sightings and Dick wonders if a Space Coupe was stolen to bring another person back from the moon.

Entering our main story, B.O. Plenty takes ‘Lil Attitude to see his side of the family, leaving Gravel Gertie home alone and Sparkle and Jewel go to stay with mom/grandma for a few days. In a deep dark corner of the city, the drug dealer Measles is working with a partner named Bookie but Measles has been using the product to deal with headaches he’s been suffering since a train collapsed a building on him. Bookie is forced to cover Measles end and tries to keep two-thirds of the latest supply from their supplier, Arnie. Measles shoots Bookie dead and takes everything.

Back with the Plenty’s, Sparkle goes to the store to pick up some Grits and happens across Measles who recognizes her from her jean commercials and tries to sell her some drugs. She rebuffs him and Measles goes and looks Sparkle up on the internet and is overjoyed to learn she is the daughter of Gravel Gertie, whom he has sworn to kill after she killed his mother while in prison.Measles finds Sunny Dell Acres but Gertie is prepared after talking with Sparkle and calls Tracy for help. Measles kicks in the door, gun in hand. He and Gertie talk but before he can fire his weapon, Tracy appears at the doorway and shoots his forearm. Measles turns to shoot the cop and Sparkle throws hot ash from the stove across his back while Gertie hits him with an axe, breaking a collar-bone. He dives out a window to escape custody and runs to a tree in the middle of the field.

In serious pain with cops surrounding him, Measles takes an entire package of pain patches, some of which he ingests. The overdose kills him, avoiding a deadly shootout with police which would probably have resulted in a similar result.

Broadway Bates Returns (November – January)

Centenarian Walt Wallet has won the Sunny Wheat Vitamin Flintheart look-alike contest and he and Vitamin pay Dick Tracy a visit. Walt and Tracy met many years ago while Tracy was out-of-town at the 26th precinct. Walt, who knew everyone in town came in to look at mug shots for Tracy and found a baby is his car afterwards that he would name Judy. Walt Wallet is the patriarch of Gasoline Alley and the strip of baby Judy occurred Feb 28th, 1935.

Meanwhile in another city, the hoodlums Sprang, Robinson and Mr. Kane notice the shining symbol of a caped crusader in the sky and curse the costumed vigilante. Their boss, Broadway Bates talks to his off-screen brother Oswald (i.e. the Penguin), a well-known villain in the city. Broadway is tired of the city and its masked hero and decides to return to his roots, where there are only cops to deal with.

Back in Broadway’s home city, a costumed villainous, the Black Piranha attempts a robbery of a jewelry store but is foiled by her “arch-nemesis” the Cinnamon Knight. No one was harmed and nothing is taken during the crime and when Tracy and Sam review the store footage they deduce the entire event was acted out for fun. In a later strip we learn the Piranha and Knight are actually a couple named Stephanie and David, who are romantically involved. David enjoys the act of foiling crime so much he begins to battle real criminals.

Broadway and his long time dame Belle fly in to town and are greeted by newspaper headlines of the latest masked heroes. Broadway is upset and begins plotting to deal with his town’s masked heroes. Belle dresses up as a super-villainess named Willa Scarlet who approaches and teams up with the Black Piranha to rob an armored car. Stephanie agrees to the plan so that David can foil the crime. Unknown to them, the robbery is a trap and Broadway and two hired guns await inside the armored car, and when the Black Piranha and Willa Scarlet begin their robbery the Bates orders his men to fire on both women.

Luckily, David has talked to Dick Tracy about the coming crime and Dick returns fire, subduing the crooks and wounding Broadway’s wrist. The Cinnamon Knight takes the armored truck driver prisoner and the crooks are arrested. Stephanie has survived the shooting because of her Kevlar armor but Belle is badly wounded and paramedics are called in. It’s unclear if she survives.

Over Christmas Dick and Honeymoon slip off with Diet Smith in a Space Coupe, the first time it has flown in decades. They fly to Moon Valley in search of answers about the Moon Maid sightings. They find Moon Valley deserted and devoid of oxygen, totally abandoned. Diet knows the Moon People had several Space Coupe’s in their possession when they cut ties to Earth and remarks that they could be anywhere now.

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