Dick Tracy’s Team

Even a detective as great as Dick Tracy needs a skilled team to keep one step ahead of the relentless flow of criminals committing crimes in his city.  In addition to his highly experienced crime fighting unit, Dick has wisely developed contacts with many other helpful agencies and individuals.  In fact, Tracy’s own family is one of the greatest crime fighting forces in the city!

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  1. Mike Curtis says:

    Hi there
    I thought I would volunteer a short TRACY story, taken from a Harvey Acceptance Speech, if you were interested.


    In 1960, my family moved to Jackson Tennessee. My dad ran the Wonder Bread depot, my mother worked in the Thrift shop, and my brother was in school. So how to keep a 6 year old amused for a ten or so hour day? GIVE HIM A COMIC BOOK! Harvey was publishing the Giant reprints at the time, and my mother bought me MEASLES THE TEENAGE DOPE FIEND. I remember having to ask my mother what dope was , as it was only 1960 and the 60’s hadn’t been good to anyone yet. In the story I remember Gravel Gertie standing over Measle’s henchmen with an ax, and I thought everytime one moved she would hit them. Wow. Anyway, Tracy was chasing Measles and somehow he got his coat hooked on the back of the car, and he was being dragged to death. My eyes must have been as big as saucers. The story was from the war years, but I didn’t know that. Next month, WORMY was the villain in a story from 1949. While on his honeymoon, Tracy ends up getting dragged to death behind Wormy’s car. By this time, we were taking the local newspaper and DICK TRACY was there everyday. I remember my mother asking me how I liked reading him every day and I told here it was okay, but when was he going to be dragged to death behind a car? (To audience) Now WE HAVEN’T DONE IT YET, but before Joe and I retire I promise we will drag Tracy to death behind a car.

    • admin says:

      Hi Mike,

      Thanks for your story, I love it. Some of those Dick Tracy stories were pretty brutal but I think that’s what made it stand out. Now there’s a tease, if I ever see Tracy dragged behind a car I’m going to start worrying about retirement! I know Joe’s taking a break but I’m looking forward to Shelley’s take on Tracy.

      You might like to know, I’ve had half a dozen questions about where they can read the Spirit / Dick Tracy crossover. I send them on to gocomics, but I think the crossover is bringing in a bunch of old Spirit fans.

      — Jeremy @ the Depot

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