B.O. Plenty

BOPlentyBob Oscar “B.O.” Plenty was introduced as a hill country bachelor who owned a mess of a farm near the town of “Tinyville”.  The tobacco chewing hillbilly’s scraggly beard ad torn clothing which he purchased on “account” and his “musky” scent were a common B.O. theme.  Plenty became a frequent comic character of the strip, eventually marrying Gravel Gertie and when their daughter Sparkle married Junior Tracy they joined the greater Tracy family.

Little has been revealed about his past, but we do know he and his brother Goodin held up a gas station in the 1930’s.  In 1945 B.O. Plenty ran into Breathless Mahoney while she was on the run with her step-father Shaky Trembly’s money.  B.O. gave in to his greed forced her to take him to take him to her safe deposit box and after she tried to poison him he assaulted Breathless in the bank vault and took the money, which he attempted to enjoy spending.

His spending spree ended quickly, the criminal Itchy Oliver learned that B.O. was in possession of Shakey’s money and lured Bob Oscar to his underground hideout with the help of Breathless’ mother Elia.  The criminal captured and forced Plenty to divulge the money and then attempted to murder him tying to a board and casting him into the city sewer system to drown. However, Plenty managed to safely exit the system and entered open sea where he was rescued by a tramp steamer headed for China before returning to the city.

B.O. reappeared as Diet Smith’s handyman and managed to save the millionaire’s life after he was shot by the traitorous Irma.  Diet helped B.O. with his criminal charges and rewarded him with Sunny Dell Acres where he could live and grow vegetables.

Now living at Sunny Dell Acres, his neighbor across the way was the mandolin-playing, loud-singing Gravel Gertie.  Gertie and B.O. had much in common, both were law-breakers who had since reformed and like some great romances, they despised each other at first but grew closer after repeated contact with Gertie accepting B.O.’s marriage proposal.  Only nine months later, Gertie gave birth to their first child, a surprisingly beautiful daughter they named Sparkle.

Sparkle’s popularity with the public would lead to a great many Plenty adventures including those involving Sketch Paree, T.V. Wiggles and the young singer Tonsils.  After the death of Odds Zonn, one of those who attempted to hold the title of Mr. Crime, Zonn’s daughter Susie was adopted by B.O. and Gertie who named the girl Wingy, or “Little Wings”.

When she got older, Sparkle married cartoonist Vera Alldid whom B.O. did not approve.  Vera won his father in law over with expensive gifts after Alldid signed a million dollar syndicate contract.  Vera became full of himself and other women however and divorced Sparkle.  B.O., whose family has always been opposed to divorce initially refused to let Sparkle return home but after her new boyfriend Johnny Snow was killed he changed his mind and Sparkle returned to the family.

In the 1980’s Sparkle and Junior Tracy began to see each other and fell in love.  The two were married, joining the Plenty and Tracy families with Sparkle becoming the mother of Honeymoon Tracy, the daughter of Junior’s late first wife Moon Maid.  Junior and Sparkle soon had another daughter, who they named Sparkle Plenty Jr., but call Jewel.

B.O. has always had astounding streaks of good and bad luck.  For example Sunny Dell Acres was contaminated by a toxic waste hauler named Oxy Cixot, but B.O. won a $3,000,000 lottery which he used to by a new Sunny Dell Acres and invest in an amusement park called the “Land of Plenty”, which opened in 1984.  In a second example, B.O. won hundreds of thousands of dollars at a local casino, but only because of a scheme by the casino manager to later steal the winnings from gambling winners.

B.O. has never been able to pronounce Tracy’s name correctly (usually calling him Macy or some variant thereof). In 2011 the Plenty’s welcomed a new child, Attitude Plenty to the family.

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  1. Ocie Denver says:

    “He then escaped with the money and attempted to enjoy his wealth, which unfortunately drew the attention of the widow of B.B. Eyes and the sadistic gangster, Itchy.”

    I found a mistake. It’s actually the widow (Breathless mother) of SHAKY, not B.B. Eyes. She had to get Icthy’s help to get her stolen money back from B.O. Plenty. Short time after team up with the mother, Icthy managed to capture Dick Tracy and delivered to the widow of B.B. Eyes for revenge over her husband’s death. Thanks.

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