Attitude Plenty

AttitudePlentyAttitude Plenty was born in April of 2011 to the Plenty’s, B.O. and Gravel Gertie.  Still just a baby, Attitude has not been drawn in strip but from the screaming nurses and reactions of all visitors, he is not a “cute” baby.  The poor tyke was even seperated from all other babies in the nursery.  Junior, a brother in law to the newborn had trouble entering the same household.  B.O. and Gertie of course handled the situation well as only parents should.

AttitudePlentyHatchetLil’ Attitude seems to be quite strong for a newborn, whirling anything he can get his hands on at his lovable father.  Thankfully B.O. has a sixth sense for avoiding the deadlier objects.

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  1. Shirley Faust says:

    Al Capp was a genius. His characters were so original and their names so clever you had to pay attention.

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