Bonnie Braids Tracy

BonnieBraidsBonnie Braids is the first-born biological child of Dick Tracy and Tess Trueheart. Like her younger brother Joe would later be, she was born in the back seat of a vehicle, a car which Junior drove to the hospital. She was born with a full head of hair that were put into braids by the nurse who named her Bonnie Braids. Tracy was against it at first but after letters from all over the country were sent to the Tracys saying how much they loved that name, they decided to keep it. Bonnie’s future sister-in-law Sparkle Plenty (who was four years old at the time) immediately took a liking to the little bundle (and vice versa) and the two became fast friends. Bonnie also drew the attention of professional photographer Louise “Crewy Lou” Brown, who convinced the Tracys to let her photograph the little cutie for them. Tracy was suspicious of Crewy at first, which proved to be a correct notion when it turned out she took Bonnie’s photos for her portfolio so she could gain access to the home of wealthy socialite/criminal Fortson B. Knox and steal his jewels. When Crewy Lou was abducted by her brother Brainard who planned to kill his sister, the family “black sheep” and himself, Tracy drove to the river with Tess, Junior and Bonnie. Junior went to accompany Tracy while Tess and Bonnie stayed in the car. Crewy Lou managed to escape and kill her brother, knocked Tess out with a rock and stole the car, not realizing that little Bonnie Braids was in the back seat of the car fast asleep.

Crewy Lou received a rude awakening when she heard little Bonnie’s cries and was in no position or mood to handle it. Lou abandoned the car and Bonnie Braids, who had missed a few of her feedings and was becoming unbearably cold in the night mountain air. Fortunately, she was found by a nearby hunting farmer who brought the babe into the warmth of his home.  Bonnie was warmed up as his wife fed her goat’s milk. Crewy Lou was finally caught up with by Tracy when she hid out in an observation tower. Firing tear gas into the tower, Crewy Lou fell to her death and in her last breath told Tracy she left the baby in the car. Tracy feared that the wild animals got to her first but found his baby at the couple’s house. They initially said that they were going to keep her, but relented when Tracy showed them a picture of him, Bonnie and Tess. Tracy was grateful beyond words for what they did to save her, and an extremely emotionally distraught Tess finally got to hold her baby again.

Little by little, Bonnie began to grow and continued to play with Sparkle Plenty. During an outing to the North Woods by the Tracy’s and the Plenty’s, Tracy took Sparkle and Bonnie out on a motor boat in the lake. Tracy was shot by a young man named Tonsils and fell overboard.  Sparkle was forced to steer the boat while Bonnie screamed in terror.  Sparkle steered them to land and the girls survived for several days on food they found in the boat and were eventually found with the help of Rifle Ruby.

Bonnie fell in and out of use in the comic strip and did not reappear until a Tracy family celebration in 1969 and she soon moved out to become a teacher in Washington (State). In 1979 Bonnie was still in Washington and a teacher at Camp Chaparral on the Yakima Indian Reservation.  She lived in an apartment above a pharmacy and dated a detective named Joe Sampson.  Mention was made of her missing several significant events and Tess and Vitamin were carjacked during the trip by Bony and Claudine (teenage criminals) but Bonnie avoided any danger.  Two years later she served as the maid of honor at Sparkle and Junior’s wedding.

With a change in writers, Bonnie was next seen in 1994 as a high school student and then de-aged further by 1996 and finally advanced back to college in 2004 when Bonnie was shown to be attending City University with roommate Maggie Irish.  She aided her father during a terrorist hostage crisis at the school.  Bonnie was seen attending a circus with her father in 2009, but she left with her mother after the trapeze artist, Louise Trapeze fell to her death.

BonnieReturnsWith another change of writers Bonnie’s age seems to be 20-25 and in 2013 she returned home to live with her parents aftering her teaching contract at the Yakima Reservation ended.  She announced her attentions to her father during a SBN television interview hosted by Christmas Early.  The next day she also admitted her and Joe Sampson had broken up.

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