Dick Tracy

Dick Tracy joined the force as a plainclothes detective in October 1931 after witnessing the death of his fiancée Tess Trueheart’s father Emil. He approached Chief Brandon and decided to dedicate his life to fighting crime to help avenge the death of Tess’ father. Tracy was partnered with Pat Patton and together the two of them not only captured Emil’s killer, but dozens of criminals since Tracy joined the force. Tracy’s intellect, keen eye and accuracy with a gun have made him a force to be reckoned with since the day he became a detective. In 1932, he adopted a waif on the street who came to be known as Junior. In 1948, Tracy received a new partner, Sam Catchem, when Patton became the new chief of police. In 1949, Tracy married Tess after an on-again-off-again engagement of eighteen years. His daughter, Bonnie Braids, was born in 1951 and his son, Joseph Tracy, was born in 1979. In 1994, Dick Tracy faced divorce from Tess since he was constantly away on police business, but luckily Tess dropped the suit. Over the years, Tracy’s worked alongside a number of fellow crime fighters. FBI agent Jim Trailer, Lizz, Scotland Yard Inspector John Whitehall, Cuban Police Detective Wunbrow, Groovy Grove, Johnny Adonis, Lee Ebony, and Detective Frisk all battled villains alongside Tracy at various points throughout his career. Tracy even went onto America’s Most Wanted in 1999 to assist the FBI in capturing criminals. Now past his 80th anniversary in 2011, Dick Tracy looks to be the leading detective against crime for many more years to come.

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