Governor of Moon Valley

MoonGovernorWhen Diet Smith returned from his third trip to the Moon he was astounded to discover a young “Maid from the Moon” had stowed away on his Space Coupe.  Moon Maid show cased her strange powers to the Diet and the people of Earth and soon fell in love with Junior Tracy.  When it was decided that Moon Maid should be sent home, she and Junior stole a Space Coupe and returned together.  They landed in Moon Valley, the only livable place on the lunar surface.  Moon Valley was ruled by Moon Maid’s father, the authoritative Governor of the Moon.

Diet Smith and Dick Tracy followed the two love birds to the Moon and on landing were captured by the Moon people.  The Governor initially treated them harshly, keeping the pair in prison and later claiming to have sent Moon Maid to Earth on purpose to retrieve Titanium with which to build space faring vessels.  Moon Maid however, was truly in love with Junior and she helped the Earthlings escape, the four of them flying back to Terra.

The Governor was upset with his daughter and the Earthlings and recovered the Space Coupe Junior had left behind.  After calming down, he and his wife flew the Coupe towards Earth.  Diet Smith intercepted them in route, threatening to crash them both if they had violent intentions but the Moon Governor promised he came in peace.  After landing, the Governor apologized to Dick Tracy and Diet and showered them with gifts, including precious gemstones and four thimble like air cars that flew using the powers of magnetism.  The Governor then joined the Tracy’s and their friends for a grand celebration leading up to the marriage of Junior and Moon Maid.  That marriage would soon produce a granddaughter named Honeymoon Tracy.

After the marriage, Diet Smith and the Governor drew up a contract, arranging trade and mail between the two celestial bodies.  Diet Smith was given access to much technology while the Governor now had access to the Titanium he needed to build Space Coupe’s for his people.

Years later Moon Maid was killed in a car bomb intended for Dick Tracy. In the aftermath of her death, the Moon Governor severed all ties to Earth and demanded the return of all moon-based technology and he seems to have had no contact with Earth or his granddaughter Honeymoon

Recently, a masked vigilante who strongly resembles Moon Maid (and who seems to have many of the same abilities) has been sighted in the City. The true nature and origin of this person is unknown. Dick Tracy, Diet Smith and Honeymoon Tracy visited the moon in Smith’s remaining Space Coupe, seeking information about this mysterious person, but found Moon Valley to be abandoned. Smith deduced that the Moon People must have constructed their own Space Coupes and left. The fate of the Moon Governor and his people remains to be seen.

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