Honeymoon Tracy

HoneymoonBirthHoney Moon Tracy, often called “Honeymoon” is the daughter and only child of Mysta “Moon Maid” and Junior Tracy.  She was born in a Space Coupe half way between the Earth and the Moon and is the only child born of both people.  Her birth on September 12th (weighing 6 lbs, 2 ounces)was broadcast to the world.  At birth her tiny fingers were shown to be magnetic, a power inherited from her mother but this ability seems to have gone away. Honeymoon lacks the characteristic horns of Moon people, instead her she has two small protrusions on her head, covered by pig tails.

When Honey was a toddler, she witnessed the death of her mother when Moon Maid was blown up in a car bomb that was meant for Dick Tracy. Concluding that the crime syndicate known as “The Apparatus” and eventually Big Boy was connected to the murder, Junior sent Honey away with Tess to stay with Vitamin Flintheart for a time until the danger subsided.

A year or two after Moon Maid’s death, Junior married longtime friend, Sparkle Plenty who became Honeymoon’s stepmother.  Sparkle has been a very affectionate mother and has cared for Honeymoon like her own.  She gained a sister, Sparkle Jr., often called Jewel a short time later.

Honey made some new friends when a family that Junior knew moved in next door. Their names were Keenan and Seth Wheeler. They initially didn’t want to be friends with her because she was a girl, but after a little reverse-psychology, Honey managed to win them over. When the three kids went to the video arcade to play games when Chief Patton’s adult nephews bullied them out of their money.

Under her father’s advice, Honey, Seth, and Keenan started their own version of Junior’s original Crimestoppers Club from when he was their age. The three clever kids set up another situation where they were going to be bullied by Pack and Pete Patton so that the manager would be able to witness it, which he did (however, he was bribed by the punks who had gotten into some dirty money).

The next day, Keenan witnessed Pack Patton slipping the manager some money from a large roll of cash, leading the Crimestoppers to suspect that they had stolen that money. They initially intended to spy on the punks, but later decided against it. Honey grew suspicious of a “kindly” old woman named Norma Rockwell across the street when she smelled cigar smoke and never invited the kids into the house when she would give them milk and cookies. Honey’s suspicions were confirmed when she saw Mrs. Rockwell kick a cat she fed milk to earlier that week and seeing different TV repair trucks park outside her house everyday. This lead the Major Crimes Squad onto a major fencing operation, and the Crimestoppers were commended for their alertness and public-spiritedness.

HoneymoonPopPopHoney has continued to be involved with Dick Tracy (who she calls “Pop-Pop”) and the Major Crimes Squad. She played a role in uncovering B-B Eyes’ bootleg DVD operation, as well as finding a body at Abner Kadaver’s House of Terror over Halloween. She is a fan of the pop singer Themesong and was instrumental in the capture of Phishface after she herself was “phished” when purchasing Themesong’s CD.  Lizz Worthington has been teach Honeymoon martial arts, and she has been quick to learn several throws.


When a mysterious new “Moon Maid” was seen around the City, Junior and Sparkle tried to keep this information from Honeymoon, fearing that it would traumatize her. However, the internet-savvy Honey found links to the photos and news stories on her own. Tracy arranged a trip in Diet Smith’s remaining Space Coupe to take Honeymoon to Moon Valley to investigate the mysterious sightings.

Tracy, Smith and Honeymoon arrived in Moon Valley, and found it deserted. Tracy and Smith deduced that the Moon People must have constructed their own Space Coupes and abandoned the moon. Honeymoon remained convinced that her mother was alive and became determined to find the truth.  She is using her own network of Crimestoppers to track the mysterious woman’s movements.

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