Junior Tracy

Junior was first discovered by Tracy in 1932 when he was pulling petty theft jobs for a bum named Steve.  Tracy had Steve locked up and decided to adopt the kid as his son, at which point the kid took on the name Dick Tracy Jr. or Junior. From this point on, Junior became sort of a sidekick to Tracy, aiding him in a variety of cases from Dan Mucelli to Deafy Sweetfellow.  Junior’s true father was Hank Steele, who had a brief role in the strip in 1933, and him mother was Mary Steele, who played an integral part in several stories from 1934-1937. In 1947 he founded the Crimestoppers, which was an organization meant to help kids become law-abiding citizens.  The Crimestoppers was prominently featured in several cases, including the Coffyhead tale.  As the years went on, Junior’s interest in the law grew as he did.  The force took him on as a police sketch artist. Junior  also had his fair share of romantic escapades with Model Jones and Thistle Dew before settling down with Moon Maid in 1964.  Together, the couple had a daughter named Honeymoon.  After Moon Maid was killed in 1978, he fell in love with Sparkle Plenty, marrying her in 1982.  They have been together since and Junior continues to work on the force as a police artist.

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