Mysta Chimera

MystaChimeraQuestionIn 2012 Dick Tracy readers were teased with quick one or two-day appearances by a mysterious masked character with all the features (size, legs, horns) of the original Moon Maid.  This new Moon Maid was battling crime with signature Lunarian zapping powers and raising the hopes of many fans of the strips Moon Period which concluded with Moon Maid’s death by car bomb in 1978.

A half-year later, the mysterious character was seen desecrating the grave stone of Mysta “Moon Maid” Tracy, who was, as some recall, the wife of Junior Tracy and mother of their daughter Honeymoon.  Rumors towards her identity were running rampant! Finally in an abandoned discotheque named the Apollo, two minders named Stellaluna and Retik were introduced as the caretakers of Mysta, who was taking every opportunity to sneak out to fight crime.  The two minders were working with Dr. Tim Sail and Dr. Zy Ghote, who was a genetic nobel prize winner and also known for faking a clone of Mumbles years ago.


Mysta’s face remained bandaged following an unexplained surgery but she was eager to see her husband and daughter and hoped they might return to the Moon with her.  Retik and Stellaluna were also very eager to visit the Moon, instilled with a passion for the celestial body by their parents.  Unfortunately for all of them, Diet Smith had grounded his Space Coupe after Moon Maid’s death.

MystaChimeraPerfectMysta’s bandages were finally removed, revealing the perfect face of the original Moon Maid and Mysta is ecstatic.  When Dr. Sail leaves for some meetings, Mysta slips away and tracks down Sparkle Plenty, whom she believes has stolen her husband and child away in her absence.  After Sparkle finishes with a Montana Joe radio show, Mysta ZAPS her, knocking her unconscious.  She then goes to see her daughter Honeymoon in a touching meeting where they discuss Honeymoon’s loss of lunar powers.  This upsets Mysta a great deal as she feels Earth has taken something from her daughter.  When Junior’s car approaches Moon Maid flees.

Dr. Sail’s meeting is with Diet Smith and he tells Smith he and Ghote had replicated Mysta from DNA procured after the car bomb.  Diet is suspicious since Dr. Ghote is involved but he agrees to meet with the doctors and their “creation” but also asks Dick Tracy attend the meeting.  At the meeting Mysta admits to having no memory from before the car explosion, having learned about her previous life from the good doctors.  The meeting on a whole turns out is a plot by the two doctors and a man named Bardoll to steal Diet’s Space Coupe.  Bardoll slips away and shoots a security guard attempting the theft and in the action and confusion Stellaluna and Retik help Mysta escape everyone.

MystaChimeraScarfedTerribly upset, Mysta fled in a car until exhausted she parked near an old granary in the countryside to sleep.  It was there she was found but none other than Sparkle Plenty, who had been suffering from amnesia ever since she was zapped.  Sparkle was working on the farm of George Wheaton while she recovered.  Pop Wheaton and his daughter Nellie took on Mysta as well, who kept her horns covered with a head scarf.

Wheaton had his own issues, with a man named Hy Pressure who worked for the Apparatus pushing Pop to sell his farm to avoid an accident be falling his daughter.  When Mysta overheard Pop and Nellie’s problems, she left and hunted down Pressure at his office.  She prepared an ambush but surprisingly her powers would not work.  Scared and afraid she was losing her powers as Honeymoon had, she fled and called Retik and Stellaluna for help.

The pair of minders calmed Mysta down and convinced her to reveal everything to Dick Tracy.  This proved to be the correct course of action as Tracy quickly arranged a sting operation at the Wheaton farm to catch Hy Pressure.  Mysta returned to play her farm role, a long with Sparkle whose memory had returned after a meeting with Junior and her parents.  In the midst of a terrible rainstorm, Pressure arrived to conclude the deal and Dick stepped from the shadows.  Before he could make an arrest the power went out and Hy drew a weapon in the dark and attempted to take Sparkle and Nellie hostage.  Mysta went berserk with fear for the two women and zapped Pressure, nearly killing him before Junior grabbed her.

Outside on the farm, in a plot far to complex to tell in full here (read the storyline), two underworld organizations did battle while the Doctor’s Sail and Zy Ghote stole the Space Coupe from Diet Smith who had just arrived to speak with Mysta after learning the whole story from Ghote.  Both doctors did board the Space Coupe, but Diet sent it into deep space with his remote and the remaining criminal agents fled the farm.

MystaReadyWhen things calmed down, Diet talked to Mysta and explained that she was not the original Moon Maid.  Mysta was in fact Glenna Ermine, daughter of racketeer Posie Ermine and former second place in a Moon Maid look-a-like contest many years.  Glenna had been taken by Sail and Ghote and underwent cosmetic surgery to modify her face.  They also used Moon Maid’s DNA, superimposing it over Glenna’s own and implanted Lunarian horns on top of her head.  Finally advanced brainwashing techniques purged Glenna’s personality, which they replaced with what they knew of Moon Maid’s.  Still, parts of the Glenna personality have emerged, such has her anger and wild emotions.

Diet promised to help Mysta get back to her Glenna Ermine personality but she said that she would rather remain as she was now, taking the name Mysta Chimera.  She asked Honeymoon and the Tracy family if she could be thought of as an aunt and remain friends and they of course agreed.

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