Mysta “Moon Maid” Tracy

MoonMaidMysta “Moon Maid” Tracy was daughter of the Governor of Moon Valley, the only populated place on the Moon and she and her people became the focus of the Dick Tracy comic strip for several years.  Diet Smith discovered her as a stowaway on his Space Coupe after his third expedition to the Moon.  She wore a sleeveless, strapless black leotard and spoke not a word, simply show casing her strange powers while frolicking in the snow on Earth.  Mysta could control her own body temperature and radiate that temperature outward to do things such as melt ice.  She also had electrical powers, she could shoot a destructive charge from her hands, causing objects to explode or render things like cameras useless.  Use of powers seemed to disrupt radio communication and we later learned Moon people can communicate through the horns on their heads.

Soon, Federal agents arrived to take her into custody but she easily knocked them out and escaped into the snowy mountains.  (Moon Maid very much enjoyed the show).  Mysta came across a pregnant woman nearly frozen to death in the snow.  A nearby husband had already succumbed to the cold.  Moon Maid used her powers to keep the mother warm and helped deliver the baby and keep them all warm during a blizzard.  This huge expenditure of energy exhausted her, but the three would survive and were found by Tracy and Diet Smith searching in a Space Coupe.  Taken to a hospital, Moon Maid recharged herself by sitting in the Sun.

After Moon Maid recovered, Lizz and Junior threw her a party at Lizz’s place, inviting some of Junior’s friends who were all of comparable age. She burned the dress that they gave her and this angered the guests, as she went into Lizz’s room upstairs. After admiring Lizz’s dresses, she started to sob on the bed, realizing that she would never be like other Earth kids. She tried desperately to rip out her horns so that she wouldn’t be different anymore, but was stopped by Lizz, commenting on how beautiful her horns were. Lizz gave Moon Maid one of her hats and cut little holes in the brim so that her horns would fit through. Lizz and Junior took Moon Maid to a clothing shop to get her a frock to match her hat. After Junior complimented how beautiful she looked, Moon Maid kissed him, causing Junior to swoon.

Junior and Moon Maid became inseparable over the next few weeks and they began to fall in love with each other.  When Tracy and Diet persuaded Moon Maid that she needed to return to the Moon, Junior argued with Tracy and begged Mysta not to go.  He declared his love for her and the two embraced and kissed.

MoonMaidJuniorOnMoonTracy however, tried to convince Junior that he should be with Moon Maid because of her dangerous powers, upsetting Junior.  He and Moon Maid snuck out that night and stole the Space Coupe, intending to return it after making a trip to the moon. Upon discovering this, Tracy felt extremely guilty, saying that his actions had driven Junior away “as surely as if I had used a club”.

Tracy and Diet Smith followed the love birds to the Moon in a second Space Coupe. While in Moon Valley, Mysta had been busy showing Junior the features of her home. When Tracy and Smith arrived, they originally welcomed by Moon Maid’s parents, the Moon Governor and his wife, though this was revealed to be a ruse. Moon Maid’s trip to Earth and back had been a plot to lure Diet Smith’s Space Coupes to the Moon.  The people of the Moon lacked the vital element titanium, which was necessary to build space-travelling vessels. Moon Maid seemed to be complicit in her father’s scheme, and a heartbroken Junior was imprisoned along with Tracy and Smith.

Moon Maid soon revealed that her love for Junior was genuine. She dosed the guards Escargot (a Moon People delicacy) with a sedative and freed the captive earth men. The four escaped back to Earth in one of the Space Coupe’s.  Diet Smith left behind a letter of goodwill for the governor.

Having returned to Earth, Moon Maid was suprised to find stacks of letters written to her, many from Universities inviting her to give them lectures on the Moon.  She embarked on a tour of American universities, where she delighted crowds with demonstrations of her amazing abilities. Junior assisted at many of these events as the two continued to grow closer. Her parents soon made their own trip to Earth using the Space Coupe they had left behind. The Governor repented his previous actions, and brought gifts to the people of earth including precious stones, several air cars, and other moon-based technology. Her Moon family and Junior’s family united for a fabulous reception and wedding as Junior and Mysta were married.


Junior and Moon Maid Marry

The following year Moon Maid and Junior’s first child was born in a Space Coupe at the halfway point between the Earth and the Moon.  Named Honeymoon, she was nearly kidnapped by the sinister criminal Mr. Bribery, but his plan was thwarted. Moon Maid and Junior settled down to enjoy a relatively peaceful domestic life.

Over a decade later, the dying mobster Big Boy issued a million dollar “Open Contract” on Dick Tracy as his last attempt at revenge.  Tracy was put under police protection and he and Tess were invited to Junior and Moon Maid’s house for dinner.  Sadly, an explosives specialist named Little Littel planted a bomb in Tracy’s car and Moon Maid took the keys to the vehicle to run an errand.  When Moon Maid turned the ignition, the vehicle exploded, killing her.

MoonMaidDeathJunior and his family were grief-stricken, and received letters of condolence from all over the world. Junior even received a call from then-President Jimmy Carter offering his sympathy. Moon Maid’s funeral was attended by the Plentys, the Tracys (excluding Bonny), and the entire Major Crimes Squad, who had all been her friends. A few months later Bonny expressed regret about not making it back home for Moon Maid’s funeral.

After her funeral, Junior angrily and openly told his parents that he was going back to work and that he was going to find Moon Maid’s killer. Tracy worried about Junior’s behavior. After Junior and Officer Rodriguez (who had been responsible for Tracy’s safety and was wracked with guilt over Moon Maid’s death) made a discovery linking Littel to the murder, Junior took his .38 gun and confronted the Littels with the intention of killing the bomber. Ultimately, Junior couldn’t bring himself to pull the trigger and was knocked out by Lily Littel with dynamite, prematurely setting off the timer. Tracy and Sam Catchem arrived in time to rescue Junior before the bomb went off. Littel had stayed to try to defuse it but he was killed in the explosion, meeting the same fate as Moon Maid.

A few years later Junior bonded and fell in love with Sparkle Plenty. Junior was hesitant to become romantically involved with another woman after Moon Maid, believing that he was bad luck but was able to overcome his apprehension and he married Sparkle, who went on to adopt Honeymoon and treat her as her own daughter.

In 2012, a mysterious woman was sighted in the City who physically resembles Moon Maid and who seems to have many of her same abilities. This new “Moon Maid” was seen at visiting Mysta’s grave site at Wildwood Cemetery, which she vandalized with a sledge-hammer and for nearly a use the true identity of this woman was teased to Dick Tracy readers, finally to be resolved in a long 2013 summer story.  This new Mysta was in-fact a genetically modified Glenna Ermine, runner-up in a Moon Maid look-a-like contest many years ago.  Poor Glenna had been brainwashed and made into a Lunarian by Doctors Zy Ghote and Tim Sail.  She has since chosen to keep her new identity, becoming Mysta Chimera.


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  2. Is there any color comics of the adventures of the dick Tracy’s moon maid to purchase ???

  3. Kaye McCurdy says:

    I never knew all this! There will only ever be one Moon Maid! I’m glad they are keeping her in the story though!

  4. Can you tell me,is there any one or org. That has any media type videos or old time radio type; moon Maid adventures.something we can her into in (CD) format. Has anyone tried to do this. Also, do you know,is there any graphic novel stuff with her and Jr. & Tracy ??????

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