Sparkle “Jewel” Tracy

JewelTracySparkle Plenty Jr. is the daughter of Junior Tracy and Sparkle Plenty, granddaughter of Dick Tracy and Tess Trueheart and B.O. Plenty and Gravel Gertie. She is also the half-sister of Honeymoon Tracy.  Sparkle Jr. is often called “Jewel” by the family.

Jewel was born to Junior and Sparkle on April 14th, 1988 and looked exactly like her mother when she was born, hence the name Sparkle Jr.  Shortly after her birth she was kidnapped but rescued by Dick Tracy and she has been used sparingly in the strip.  She was again kidnapped in 2002 by an unknown child abductor and help captive with two other girls.  Jewel escaped and spent several weeks looking for help and food before she wsa finally found and returned home.  The other two kidnapped girls were also rescued by Tracy.

During the case of Phishface, Jewel was at the City Aquarium on a school trip with Honeymoon and their uncle Joe Tracy (who is their age).  When Honeymoon was accosted by Phishface and his partner Chum, Jewel and Joe tackle Chum to the ground.  Sgt. Doherty and police dog Mugg were nearby and helped them take the pair into custody.

SoundsOPlentyJewel was later with her Grandma Gertie and mother at Sunny Dell Acres when Measles came seeking revenge on Gertie.  She was kept safe while her mother and grandmother fought off the drug crazed criminal.  Later the three girls created a musical group, “The Sounds O’ Plenty” that performs on the Montana Joe radio show.

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