Susie Zonn / Little Wingy / Wingy Plenty

A girl with many names, Susie Zonn is the daughter of Odds Zonn the brief successor to Mr. Crime.  Susie was covered in radiothorium paint during Odds robbery of am armored truck.  When he ditched his daughter at the Plenty’s they found her and were since she glowed in the dark called a doctor.  Susie was suffering from radioactive poisoning and Diet Smith calls in Dr. Von Nucleus to cure her.  B.O. Plenty and Gravel Gertie adopted Susie after her father’s death and she became the new younger sister of their natural daughter Sparkle.  Susie was often called Little Wings (or sometimes Wingy) by the Plentys because of her long hair that winged out to either side of her body.  Sparkle Plenty and Little Wingy of course became good friends and sisters.


In 2012, little Susie Zonn was working for Hotshot Airlines, a small aviation company in the city run by Hotshot Charlie of Terry and the Pirates fame.  Having grown up with the Plenty’s, she used the name Wingy Plenty when introducing herself.  She helped provide information that would lead to the capture of the notorious bank robber, Blackjack.


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  2. Shirley Snyder says:

    Thank you so much for the history of Little Wingy! I remember reading Dick Tracy comics in the newspaper. When
    my hair or my mom’s hair stuck out with ‘bed head’ or subpar styling issues we called each other Little Wingy. My two daughters were/are called by that name name also when the situation fits. Mom has passed and the other day I told my husband I looked like Little Wingy due to my errant hairdo. A discussion ensued as to the origin of the name! Thanks to you, we have the source!

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