Tess Trueheart Tracy

Tess Trueheart (now Tess Tracy) began as the female love interest in the strip.  It was her father that was murdered in cold blood before Tracy’s eyes that led him to the plainclothes division of the police force.  The couple’s off and on engagement would often be a source of drama in the strip.  Tess also had her fair share of criminal encounters, becoming engaged to Stooge Viller, married to Edward Nuremoh, and arrested for the murders of Jean Penfield (after being framed by Spaldoni) and John Lavir.  The couple finally got married on Christmas Eve 1949.  After their marriage, Tess continued to appear as a minor character with less integral roles in criminal cases. Tess gave birth to Bonnie Braids in 1951, and Joseph Flintheart Tracy in 1979.  In 1994, she filed for divorce, stating that Tracy spent too much time at work.  The couple patched up their differences and are still together today.

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