Uncle Ray Tracy

RayTracyRay Tracy is a minister and Dick Tracy’s uncle, brother to Chester Tracy.  Ray has been rarely used in the comic strip but has officiated of both Tracy family weddings, the first when Tess and Dick married and the next when Junior and Sparkle married in 1981.

In 2013 Christmas Early interviewed Dick for an SBN television special and asked many detailed questions about Tracy’s past and brought out several individuals for a happy reunion.  Uncle Ray was one of those individuals and unfortunately he was then chosen by murderous hitman Abner Kadaver to be bait for his nephew.

Ray received a fake certificate for a free dinner at the Queen’s Pub and a carriage ride to and from the dinner.  He asked his great-niece Bonnie to join him for dinner and the two were then kidnapped by Kadaver’s assistant, Rikki Mortis.  While in the carriage the two were gassed to sleep, and they remained asleep until their rescue by the Dilinger-esque bank robber, Blackjack who intervened in Kadaver’s attempt to kill Dick Tracy.

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