Vitamin Flintheart

vitamin-flintheartVitamin Flintheart is an aging actor who is forever popping Vitamin pills and quoting Shakespeare. He was first introduced in 1944 when he became an unwitting cohort to Flattop‘s escapades.  Over the years he was often played both for humor and drama as he became involved with one villain to the next. He was responsible for leading Tracy to the Summer Sisters, he was hypnotized and abducted by Influence, and he clued Tracy in on Measles’ whereabouts after obtaining the gangster’s gun.  He even became involved in Shaky’s business when he fell in love with, and married, Snowflake Falls.  Vitamin would disappear for a few years only to return in 1950.  After a brief involvement with Blowtop Jones, he became Sparkle Plenty’s talent agent. While working with Sparkle, he ran afoul with a blackmailing T.V. Wiggles who eventually tried to kill Sparkle.  After this, Vitamin wasn’t seen again until Max Allan Collins took over as head writer in the 70’s. Since then, Vitamin has been featured in a variety of cases from Angeltop Jones to Sal Monella.

BoweryBoysVitamin is the husband of Snowflake Falls and the two made a cameo appearance in the Freez-Dri and Pruneface episode.  It has been established that one of Vitamin’s film appearances was in “The Bowery Boys Meet the Bard”, presumably as the Bard.  Vitamin owns his own movie theater, a revival house that plays old classic films.

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