Police Department

The police force in Dick Tracy’s city is a tight knit group.  Here is a list of police department members, both good and bad who have served.

NameActive YearsBrief BioStatus
Detective Dick Tracy1931 - presentThe one, the only, Detective Dick Tracy.Active
Junior Tracy1932 - presentAdopted son of Dick Tracy who has helped Tracy fight crime since they first met.Active
Chief Pat Patton1931 - presentPat Patton was Dick Tracy's parter from 1931 until 1948 when he was promoted to chief of police.Active
Detective Sam Catchem1949 - presentSam Catchem has been Dick Tracy's partner ever seen Pat Patton was promoted to police Chief.Active
Chief Brandon1931 - 1948, 2011Police chief until from 1931 until his retirement in 1948.Retired
Lizz Worthington1955 - presentA long time police officer and close part of Dick Tracy's team.Active
Groovy Grove1970 - 1985Joined the force in 1971 and became engaged to Lizz Worthington before he was tragically killed.Dead
Patrolman Milligan1931 - 1934A patrolman who provided backup for Tracy on several occassions.Active
Detective Lee Ebony1980 - presentDetective who went to academy with Lizz and later joined Tracy's squad.Active
Lt. Teevo2007 - 2012New crime unit team member when Lizz left in 2007.Dead
Mugg1949 - presentTeam Tracy's ever-popular police dog.Active
Captain Robey1932Captain of the 10th Precinct at the edge of town. Briefly commanded Dick Tracy when he was uniformed cop.Unknown
Constable Ferret1941A local officer, Ferret has saved Dick Tracy's life a couple times.Unknown
Patrolman O'Malley1942Irish Patrolman who met an untimely trying to bring down B.B. EyesDead
Cal Bullet Sr.1942Chief of the highway patrol killed by his own son.Dead
Patrolman O'Copper1942, 2012, 2014Patrolman who worked with Tracy on the Pruneface case and married Frizzletop.Active
Officer Murphy1944, 1964Stock Patrolman who worked with Tracy on cases involving Flattop, The Brow, Haf and Haf and Father Jade.Active
Patrolman Grant1944, 1967Highway Patrolman seen in 1944 "The Brow" storyline.Active
Charlie1951A police station custodian who robbed the evidence locker of $500,000.Dead
Jay Walijo1971Narcotics officer disappeared in 1969-found by Tracy in 1971.Unknown
Officer Rodriquez1985Patrol officer who caught Blowtop Jones out near the Santa Maria.Active
Sergeant Cursive1986Police Department handwriting expert.Active
Detective Frisk2003, 2004Hard nosed detective who worked (and clashed) on several of Tracy's cases.Unknown
Ed Dunn2003Former cop in charge of the evidence locker. Ed was arrested for destroying evidence and attempting to cover it up. Jailed
Sergeant Angle2004One of many corrupt officers bribed by the crime boss Mousse.Jailed
Captain Ripski2007A SWAT team captain in the Hennessy Mansion case.Active
Lt. Shirl Locke Holmes2008A strange new recruit to Tracy's detective squad.Hospitalized
Sergeant Markey2008A lip-reading member of the police force.Active
Officer Doherty2011, 2014An officer who has worked as the handler of police dog Mugg and at the train station. Active
Ms. Steffihawk2011 - presentWorks at front entrance of Police Headquarters.Active
Jerry2011*As told by Sam, Dick's former patrol partner before he became a detective.Unknown

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