Chief Brandon

ChiefBrandonChief Brandon was the chief of police when Tracy joined the force on Brandon’s invitation in 1931. Brandon spent much of his time at headquarters taking care of business, whether it be defending Tracy’s reputation when accused of counterfeiting (Stooge Viller case) or demoting Tracy (Dan Mucelli). Chief Brandon also took prominent roles in several cases, including the Boris Arson case where he was scandalized after Arson escaped, and the Ramm case where he headed a raid on Ramm’s headquarters after Tracy had gone missing. In 1948, Chief Brandon arranged a secret conference of police chiefs to unveil Brilliant’s new invention, the Teleguard. Brandon unwittingly admitted Big Frost entrance, and after Brilliant was killed at the hands of Big Frost, Brandon blamed himself for the boy’s death and resigned. Pat Patton was chosen to take his place. Afterwards, he opened a gardening store named “Lawn Order” and appeared from time to time in the strip to give Tracy the occasional bit of advice.

In 2011, Big Frost was released from his lengthy prison sentence and within two days he tracked down Brandon’s business and snuck in while the former cop worked on some papers.  Frost shot Brandon three times and Brandon returned fire with a revolver, mortally wounding Big Frost who stumbled into a garbage bin two blocks away and died.  Tracy and Patton were very worried as Lizz and Sam took the case.  Thankfully, Brandon survived and recovered from his wounds.

Chief Brandon’s first name is a bit unclear.  He has been referred to as both John Brandon and George Brandon.  Mike Curtis seems to have resolve this by using an abbreviation, G.R., which could stand for George John Brandon.

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