Detective Frisk

Called Friskie by her friends, Detective Frisk is a hard working, rough around the edges detective who is extremely dedicated to her job. Frisk initially locked horns with Tracy on the Filligree case and after her suspension attempted to commit suicide but survived. Tracy later redeemed her and invited Frisk to join his team when she returned to duty.

Over the holidays in 2003 Frisk began working on the cold case of Sal Monella who had sold converted garbage as snacks on an airline years ago.  Frisk was trying to get ahead in the department and kept her investigation from Tracy.  The detective found Monella and began to trail him as he gathered several bums together and formed a band.  Frisk suspected they carried weapons in the guitar cases and would take part in a robbery.  When Monella hosted a stadium concert filled with garbage as part of the show, Frisk tried to arrest the criminal for his past crimes.  Monella resisted and the two engaged in a shoot-out before both fell into a garbage truck that dumped its load into the bay.  Both were thought to have perished but neither body was recovered.

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