Groovy Grove

Groovy first appeared in 1970 after being freed from the State Penitentiary.  Grove had been wrongfully sent up in 1958 for murder and was released when the real killer finally confessed.  Grove approached Tracy about joining the force since he had studied law in prison.  Grove passed the exam and he soon found himself at odds with old prison mate Diamonds.  Diamonds tried to destroy Grove when Grove refused to be Diamonds’ inside man in the force through both blackmail and the kidnapping of Grove’s blind daughter Tinky.  Grove eventually killed Diamonds in the line of duty and soon became an integral part of Tracy’s force.  Grove also began to fall in love with Lizz in 1971 and the two soon became engaged.  However, Grove kept refusing to marry because Lizz wanted him to wed on the condition that he quit the force.  Grove would serve the force loyally until he was fatally shot in 1985.  On his deathbed, he married Lizz.

3 Responses to Groovy Grove

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  2. Marc Willman says:

    Groovy actually died from a fall after he and Lizz were being shot at by Cipher. It’s too bad he died. He was a favorite long-time supporting character.

  3. C castle says:

    Cool. I read that as a kid

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