Lee Ebony

LeeEbonyLee Ebony was a police officer who had been at the academy with Lizz. She was an attractive young woman, as well as being an effective police officer and skilled marksman

Lee Ebony is a police officer and member of Dick Tracy’s Major Crimes Squad.  Introduced in 1980, we learned Lee attended the academy with Lizz and was a skilled marksman. Lee’s first case was that of Willie Wheeler, the roller-skating purse snatcher and she quickly moved on to the more serious case of Breakdown and Torcher.

When Tracy began receiving threatening letters she and fellow newcomer Johnny Adonis began monitoring the activities of Measles and Wormy, both recently paroled convicts Tracy had captured. One night, when Lee and Johnny prepared to approach the duo on parole violation, Wormy backed his car into Lee who fired a shot, wounding Wormy in the shoulder.

After Pat Patton was shot and Deputy Chief Climer took over as Chief and dissolved Tracy’s team, Lee remained with the department as a police officer until the Squad was reformed and she could rejoin Dick Tracy’s team.  As a semi-regular member, Ebony took part in a number of cases throughout the 1980’s and even saved her boss from being shot raiding Angeltop, Prunella and Quiver Trembly’s hideout aboard the Santa Maria replica.  Lee led the captured Quiver a short time later.

With the change in writers Lee disappeared from the strip for many years but has returned to become a key cog on Dick Tracy’s team helping with the Ted Tellum, Morning Gloria, Abner Kadaver and Sweatbox cases.  Miss Ebony was a participant of the raid on Mr. Crime’s hideout in 2012 and shot Abner Kadaver after he had stabbed Lizz with a sword-cane.  Following the Simon Baux case, Lee went deep undercover to infiltrate an Apparatus drug lab which we saw taken down in October of 2013.  This was the second example of Lee specializing in undercover work, having done so in the Hi-Top Jones case years earlier.

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