Lizz Worthington

LizzWorthingtonOfficer Lizz Worthington-Grove aka Policewoman Lizz, first appeared in 1955 as a nightclub photographer working in Nothing Yonson’s Club. She and her husband were instrumental in the capture of Oodles. Her boss Nothing Yonson didn’t appreciate her talking to the cops and was beaten up by Nothing’s employee and murderer, Joe Period. After she first met Dick Tracy in the Oodles case, she decided she wanted to become a cop. After extensive training, she joined the force and ran afoul of Joe Period again, this time discovering that he had murdered her long lost sister, and dedicated herself to hunting down Period. After finding him in South Dakota, she was ambushed by a thug who would later turn out to be Flattop Jones Jr.. Lizz soon got back into the swing of things and was instrumental in bringing down Flattop Jr. Since her debut, Lizz was a critical member of Dick Tracy’s team, facing down many different villains like Haf and Haf. She was an active member of the Space Period, and was the first friend of newcomer to Earth, Moon Maid. She eventually fell in love with fellow Police detective Groovy Grove. They dated for a long time and both Lizz and Groovy each came close to death on quite a few occasions.

When Angeltop Jones came to town she went to ask her some questions pertaining to the shooting of Vitamin Flintheart, only to be attacked both by Angeltop and The Brow’s son. Lizz and Angeltop quickly became personal enemies due to Lizz shooting and killing Angeltop’s brother Flattop Jr. Lizz and Sam rescued Tracy from the young Brow and Angeltop, the latter being presumed dead in a fire on the Santa Maria replica. Lizz would shortly be held captive by a now back-in-action Haf and Haf, nearly permenantly scarring her face with lye. It was through Lizz’s street sources that Tracy and the Major Crimes Squad would find out about Big Boy Caprice’s $1,000,000 Open Contract on Tracy (two attempts on his life had already been committed in the past 48 hours). After Tracy commandeered the Organized Crime Unit after declaring open War on the Apparatus (suspecting that they were the ones responsible for issuing the open contract) Tracy had Chief Patton reassign Lizz and Sam back under Tracy’s authority in the OCU because of a leak in the OCU. Big Boy was found out and died right before Tracy and Sam raided his house with a warrant for his arrest.

Right after Tracy’s fiftieth birthday (1981), a bandaged gunman knocked on Lizz’s door and kidnapped her and made it look like she was murdered. There were no leads to Lizz’s whereabouts and was assumed to have been murdered, when it reality she was really abducted by a bandaged Angeltop who had survived the fire three years earlier. Tracy was accompanying Diet Smith on his cross-country “Fusion Now” whistle stop tour after Angeltop had anonymously sent Tracy a threat saying that she would kill Smith. Lizz wasn’t revealed to have been Angeltop’s prisoner until the Brow’s Son failed to kill Smith in Washington DC. When Brow Jr. got back, Angeltop planned to blow up the church where Junior Tracy’s wedding was being held, the Brow’s Son went with his conscience and secretly freed Lizz so that she could warn everyone. Tracy managed to disarm the bomb just in time and Angeltop and the Brow’s Son were arrested, Lizz volunteered to testify in the young Brow’s favor for his rescuing her. In 1984 Groovy was fatally wounded and agreed to marry Lizz on his deathbed, in order to raise Groovy’s spirits and provide Lizz with his death benefits.

Lizz never remarried and in 2007, Lizz was promoted to Chief due to Chief Pat Patton’s health issues and was replaced by Lt. Teevo as Tracy’s new squad member. In 2011, Chief Patton returned to duty and Lizz returned to her place in Tracy’s squad.


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