Lt. Teevo

Lt. Teevo was introduced in 2007 after Lizz Worthington was promoted to Chief following the retirement of Pat Patton.  Teevo took her position on the Major Crimes Unit led by Dick Tracy and was touted asLtTeevo an expert of communications, i.e. he delivered messages.  Teevo was often in the station, and rarely did any field work for Tracy’s team.

It was later revealed that Teevo began working for the new Mr. Crime at some point, relaying police department information to Crime’s top lieutenant, Panda.  Teevo was uncovered and confronted by Pat Patton, now back as Chief.  The two drew their firearms on each other and Patton was wounded while Teevo fled in a squad car to Mr. Crime’s hideout at the Panda Talent Agency.

Teevo’s timing was terrible and he walked into a raid by police forces on the numerous criminals entrenched within the agency.  Teevo, looking for a place to hide, stumbled into the deadly carnivorous muerte vines and was consumed.

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