Officer Doherty

DohertyMaking his first appearance in strip, Officer Jim Doherty was introduced as the handler of Tracy’s favorite police dog, Mugg.  Doherty and Mugg helped locate cocaine during the Flakey Biscuits case.

Doherty appeared in a later case working as an officer at the train station (fitting given he sign’s his Hall of Fame as Railroad Police).  Officer Doherty approached Sprocket Nitrate and reminded her she needed to wear shoes in the station and later he called in the Nitrate sighting, providing a needed clue to the escaping siblings whereabouts.

Jim is actually a former officer who lent his expertise to the Dick Tracy team of Joe Staton and Mike Curtis.  Jim has served in law enforcement at local, state and federal levels across numerous states and has authored articles and a book on the history of law enforcement.  Doherty also provides the crimestopper/hall of fame fact box every Sunday.



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