Patrolman Milligan

A police officer who took part in several of Dick Tracy’s early police actions.  Milligan was part of the arrest of Ribs Mocco and his partner Spike during a payroll robbery sting and then again when they raided Big Boy’s apartment.  Finally Milligan would arrive during Dick Tracy’s shootout with Crutch and Spike to catch the two crooks in a crossfire.  Both gunmen were killed in the shootout. Milligan would help out again during the Alec Penn counterfeiting case.  Milligan’s identification of the swindler Tug Knox would lead him and Tracy to the rescue of a missing Pat Patton.  Milligan got the arrest of Knox after the rescue and the patrolman would later team up with deputized John Waldorf to rescue Pat Patton and Tracy when they were trapped in a room with a threatening lion.  In the shootout that followed Alec Penn was arrested.

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