Sam Catchem

After Pat Patton rose to accept the role of police chief after Chief Brandon retired in 1948, Tracy found himself missing a partner. So on New Year’s Day of 1949 he got one, Sam Catchem. Sam was originally from Boston and just like Patton, he was used for comic relief at first. A Jewish detective, his trademark exclamation was “Oi yi!” Sam’s first case was investigating old flame Sleet. Sam was nearly killed in a botched attempt to spy on his former sweetheart, but he recovered and was able to aid Tracy in her capture. Sam now serves as Tracy’s right-hand man as he has since the 1950’s and it doesn’t look like things are going to change any time soon.

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  1. Jeff, Tasmania, Australia. says:

    In “PAST JOYS”, a photo book of a nostalgic look at metal and mechanical toys of yesteryears by Ken Botto, March 1978, we find on pages 54 and 55, Dick Tracy sitting in a 1949 Hudson, New York City Police Car, painted Police Green.
    The faces of two other passengers are visible in the car. One person is in the form of the Police Chief in the back seat in a side view of the vehicle.
    However, through the front window, the face of the second passenger is seen in the frontal view of the car shown on page 54. How many recognised the face of Sam Catchem, Dick Tracy’s detective partner ?
    Dick Tracy is the one and only name given mention in the accompanying text. I recognised and was able to identify first, Sam Catchem, and later, after searching a website, also able to identify the back seat passenger as Chief of Police, Pat Patton. (E. & O. E.)

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