Shirl Locke Holmes

Shirl Locke Holmes was a new recruit and joined Dick Tracy’s Major Crime squad in 2008. Holmes told Tracy her father was a traffic cop who always wanted to be a detective and named his daughter after Sherlock Holmes. Shirl was actually an escaped psychiatric patient from London. Shirl somehow came into contact with a criminal named Baskerville and aided his bank robberies by disabling police surveillance at the time of the crimes. She had an accomplice named Watson, who worked as a janitor for the Police Department. Detective Tracy quickly became suspicious of his new recruit and with the help of a lip reader learned Shirl was working for crime. Keeping Holmes in the dark, monitoring communications from the station, Tracy set a trap for Baskerville during his third bank robbery. Shirl could not contain her curiosity however, and went to the bank to see what was going on. There she was nearly mauled to death by the hounds Baskerville was using to rob the place. Tracy saved her from the hounds, but put her under arrest. Shirl was finally extradited back to England in the hands of Scotland Yard Inspector James Moriarty. It’s unclear if her name was really Shirl Lock Holmes.

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