Dick Tracy Allies

A list of government employees, private crime fighters and any other individual who has made a habit of help Dick Tracy battle crime across the country.

NameActive YearsBrief BioStatus
Special Agent Jim Trailer1935, 1936, 1938, 1940, 1985, 1987, 2011FBI G-man who assisted Tracy on several cases.Active
Diet Smith1946 - presentIndustrialist and inventor who has supplied Tracy and the Police Dept. with high tech eq.Active
Mayor Turner1933Mayor Freddy "Glad Hands" Turner was the mayor of the city in the 1930's.Retired
State Attorney King1933State's Attorney King helped Tracy with a political corruption case.Unknown
Doc Gaugner1933A truth serum administering doctor who aided Tracy in interrogation.Unknown
Captain Shellbury1938Coast Guard Captain who teamed up with Dick Tracy to bring down slave trader Stud Bronzen. Active
Captain Bowline1944Tracy's former superior in the US Navy Intelligence, Bowline appeared when Tracy dealt with the Brow.Active
Lt. Marks1944Plainclothes US Navy Intelligence officer, Lt. Marks helped Tracy deal with the Brow.Active
Hako Kou1959Hako Kou was an undercover agent of the Honolulu police forceActive
Agent Mahony2002Member of the FBI operating in and around Tracy's city.Active
Agent Kelley2002 - 2004FBI agent who worked with Tracy on several cases in the 2000's.Active
Chief Inspector Whitehall1958, 2002A lead Scotland Yard Inspector and associate of Dick Tracy.Active
Detective Wunbrow1958A detective and member of the Cuban Secret Service.Unknown
Commander Bill Halyard2003A Coast Guard Captain who operates a patrol boat outside the city.Active
Bronko1947A member of Junior's crimestoppers.Unknown
Joe High Eagle2005A sergeant in a southwest reservation Tribal Police.Active
Lottie Latte2006An NSA agent who went undercover to take down a terrorist plot.Active
Agent O'Brien2007An agent with the CIA who asked for Dick Tracy's help with a Russian spy.Active
Mayor Headstrong2007The Mayor of Dick Tracy's city in 2007.Active
Inspector James Moriarty2008An Inspector for Scotland YardActive
Traze-R2008A crime fighting robot developed by Diet SmithIn-Active
Agent Cosgrove2008, 2009CIA Agent who was tracking Professor Noll.Active
Agent Karen Ennen2009FBI Agent specializing in illegal international trade.Active
Special Agent Fritz Ann Dietrich2012 - presentA re-occuring FBI agent frequently working on Tracy cases with an eye for Sam Catchem.Active
Mayor Barbara Armstrong2012, 2013The current Mayor of Dick Tracy's city who keeps close track of Patton's department.Active
The Cinnamon Knight2012Costumed crime fighter in the city, formerly a cosplayer.Active
The Black Piranha2012Costumed crime fighter in the city, formerly cosplayed a villain.Active
Stellaluna2013A caretaker for Mysta Chimera and lover of the Moon.Active
Retik2013A caretaker for Mysta Chimera and lover of the Moon.Active

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