Diet Smith

Diet Smith was an industrial millionaire responsible for providing Dick Tracy and his gang with much of the technology prominently featured in the strip.  Diet first appeared in 1946 accused of the murder of his partner.  He was set free when it was proven that his head laboratory worker and former wife Irma was to blame.  His son Brilliant, who was killed in 1948 by Big Frost, invented the two-way wrist radio which has now become synonymous with Tracy’s name.  Brilliant also created the atomic light, the Teleguard and the ring camera that Diet provided Tracy’s force with.  Diet became a major component of the strip as the years went by.  Apart from supplying Tracy with new inventions, he also assisted Tracy on a variety of occasions.  Diet’s helicopter helped search for Bonnie Braids after Crewy Lou kidnapped her, Diet flew in Dr. Von Nucleus to save Little Wingy’s life, and Diet even had Rainbow Reilly’s eyesight restored.  In 1962, Diet ushered in the strip’s space age with the space coupe.  Soon after, the space coupe brought back life from the moon in the form of Moon Maid.  In 1964, Diet unveiled the two-way wrist TV. In 1965, Diet Smith joined business forces with the Moon Governor to bring further futuristic technology to the strip, including the air cars and the voice-o-graph.  After the death of Moon Maid in 1978, the space era came to a close, but Diet continued to provide Tracy with updated technology, including the wrist geenee which Tracy currently uses today.  Diet is addicted to drinking glasses of Milk.

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