Haku Kou

HakuKouHaku Kou was an undercover agent of the Honolulu police force who became an acquaintance of the Willie the Fifth while undercover.  When Fifth and Flyface were on the run, Haku lured them both to Hawaii where he arranged for the Honolulu police force to surround the duo on a beach.  Flyface and Fifth refused to give up and appeared to die when a tidal wave crushed.

In 2011 Haku was asked to play the masked, whip wielding, Scarlet Sting in a movie based on a comic book character.  Haku was skilled with the whip much like the legendary Honolulu police officer, Chang Apana who used a bullwhip and would later be inspiration for Earl Derr’s Charlie Chan.

The Scarlet Sting movie had a shake down artist named Doubleup demanding money and Lizz went undercover as the Sting’s sidekick Ponytail and when his ransom wasn’t paid, Doubleup threatened the detective with a whip.  Haku, garbed as the Scarlet Sting and armed with a whip battled Doubleup and disarmed him.  Lizz tripped him into a pool of water and he was arrested.

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