Lottie Latte

Lottie Latte is a sharpshooting member of the National Security Agency who went undercover in 2006 to break up a plot by terrorist cell leader Al Kinda to steal money from lottery winners and send it back to Afghanistan.  After B.O. and Gertie Plenty won the lottery, she picked up the two and after an accident with a Secret Service vehicle which caused a case of switched bags, took the two back to Al Kinda.  The switched bags contained the presidential missile codes, much to Al’s delight.  Al ordered Lottie to kill the Plentys but she faked their death and the two escaped with the code bag.  Al was furious and shot Lottie and left her for dead.

The Plenty’s would run to the police and seek Dick Tracy’s help.  A chase ensued ending with Al Kinda holding a gun on Dick Tracy while the pair stood on the domed roof of the nation’s Capitol.  Lottie, who had survived because the bullet hit a beauty compact returned just in time to shoot Al dead, saving Dick Tracy.

Lottie Latte is a strong, hulking woman, towering over every man she meets.  Possibly because of this, Lottie is very conscious of her appearance and constantly uses beauty products to try and appear beautiful.

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