The Cinnamon Knight

CinnamonKnightDavidThe Cinnamon Knight’s real name is David and he is a costumed crime fighter.  David got started by cosplaying (costume playing) with his girlfriend Stephanie.  Stephanie took the role of the Black Piranha, a criminal, while David played the hero who foils her crimes.  They played out their roles in public, not actually committing and foiling crimes but appearing to for the watching public.  The press gave the Cinnamon Knight front page press around the time Broadway Bates and Belle returned to the city.

Broadway had a hatred of costumed crime fighters and he began looking for a way to send a deadly message to the costumes.  While David began fighting real crimes, Belle took on the villainous guise of Willa Scarlet and approached Stephanie to rob an armored car.  The robbery was a trap by Broadway and he and two gunmen waited inside the vehicle.  Stephanie told David about the robbery (unaware of Broadway’s trap) and the Cinnamon Knight told Dick Tracy.  When the Black Piranha and Willa Scarlet approached the armored truck, Broadway Bates had his men open fire on both women, even though one was his girl.  Tracy was on the scene and returned fire, forcing the armored track gunmen and Broadway to surrender while David used his sword to keep the driver from escaping.  Unfortunately Stephanie and Belle were both shot, Stephanie’s new Christmas present, Kevlar from David kept her safe but Belle was badly wounded.


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