Traze-R was a hulking robot developed by Dieth Smith, with a Tracy formed upper half and a tank like lower.  Smith gave Traze-R the ability to communicate verbally and made it only respond to commands from Dick Tracy.  Initially doubtful, Tracy agreed to test Traze-R on the streets. Traze-R immediately began to sense the electronic signals of another robot, which had recently purchased by the criminal Braces.  That robot, named Magnum Force was used to bust into the Genesis Corporation’s data vaults and Traze-R battled Magnum Force Rock-em, Sock-em Robot style. Magnum managed to disable Traze-R in combat, but Traze-R launched a small rover like bot armed with explosives that destroyed Magnum Force.  Braces was later killed collecting the wreckage of his robot and the remainder of his gang was arrested. Diet Smith repossessed Traze-R, promising to repair him.

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