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Only Time will Tell, free Dick Tracy comic #4. Get it at any Mike Curtis or Joe Staton engagement or send $2 shipping and handling via Paypal shandafa@windstream.net with your name and address and a copy will be mailed to you.
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  1. Michael M. DeBonis says:

    “Only Time Will Tell” looks red-hot. It’s something that if I find it, I’ll keep it. Curtis and Staton both do such a great job with Tracy’s strip already! Happy Holidays to them…

  2. Michael M. DeBonis says:

    I am still awaiting my copy from Mr. Curtis. I am sure he’ll send it soon.

  3. Michael M. DeBonis says:

    Mr. Curtis,

    You are very kind. My mailing address is:

    295 Radio Ave.
    Miller Place, NY 11764.

    I hope you are doing better…and thanks for the pin and “Only Time Will Tell.” I am looking forward to reading it. The quality of work you and Staton both commit to Tracy’s strip is truly remarkable. It’s really a pleasure to read. Take care!

    Best always,
    Michael M. DeBonis.

  4. Michael DeBonis says:

    Dear Mr. Curtis,
    I received “Only Time Will Tell” today. Thanks again! I do appreciate it. If the Tracy storyline of “Dick Tracy Meets Thee Green Hornet,” ever gets anthologized, let us know. You and Station both smacked that one out of the ballpark! Best wishes to you and please recover soon.

    Michael M. DeBonis.

  5. Michael DeBonis says:

    Jeremy and friends deserve tremendous credit here for putting together a first-rate website, which brilliantly keeps all informed about the legendary comics detective Dick Tracy.

    Thanks, Jeremy.
    M. DeBonis.

  6. Michael DeBonis says:

    What a great job Curtis and Station did with creating a first-rate mystery! Only Time Will Tell was top notch. The writing and artwork were amazing. I would love to see more of this strip anthologized. Also, could Warren Beatty finally produce a film about Dick Tracy? Even a well-crafted animated one at this point would suffice.
    Curtis and Station are brilliant with their crossovers, too. I just read their storyline with The Spirit, from a few years back. It was truly epic! Alongside Brian Azzarello’s 2010 Doc Savage-Batman crossover from DC, they are both outstanding reading material, and truly worthy of the “First Wave,” moniker. Who knows what Curtis and Station will come up with next? Whatever they both do, it will be terrific!

  7. Michael M. DeBonis says:

    I am very curious to know if IDW plans to write and print any new Dick Tracy graphic novels in 2020….

  8. Mike Curtis says:

    Please inform the followers of DICK TRACY DEPOT that Charlie Wise of GROOVY KINDA will be writing and drawing the next Minit Mystery starring Moon Maid beginning April 12.

  9. Michael DeBonis says:

    Is it possible to get the Green Hornet/Dick Tracy crossover? I would like to know how if possible?

    Michael DeBonis.

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